He was just outside on top of cement pkg garage livestream

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He was just outside on top of cement pkg garage livestream


Cordoba Argentina

English please

Red = Fire :fire:

Well yes but what happened? Wildfires?

sorry it been a day …

It ok

Bomb? Explosion? Wildfires?

— Firefighting reported in Minneapolis, Minnesota during the ongoing Riots/Lootings!

The bald guy killed last night by a bullet to the head was a pedophile.

Meanwhile in NYC crime seriously picking up again, in last few days

— Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Multiple stores looted and multiple arrests made by local Police

They’re rioting over a guy who killed himself

Rioters loot market in Minneapolis


Meanwhile on TikTok

Where did he get the gun?

Felons can’t own guns?

A CNN reporter is standing in front of a building engulfed in flames and CNN’s chyron reads:

only took 2 people to die so that CNN would show up.

lol Tyler Durden taking my sound bites.

Hi Tyler I see you

Zero Hedge | Everything Changes After Kenosha… “Divided We Stand” | 26-08-20
— "It would always come to this. At some point there would be a reckoning for BLM and Antifa.

The shootings in Kenosha, WI are a dividing line for America.

This is the moment where normal people finally said, “Enough. There will be consequences. “"

— “Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand:”

Not exactly apolitical, but some valid points regarding Divide and Conquer.

Theil was right

preschool teachers have relatively little education

less of
school -> creates radical progressives

more of:
radical progressives -> attracted to schools

strongly attracting people of a certain nature

more than nurturing people into brainwashing

filtering people not modifying people

fuckload of the arrested rioter chicks are teachers for young kids.

Jacob Blake’s mom on violence in Kenosha:
— "My family and I are very hurt. And quite frankly disgusted. And as his mother, please don’t burn up property and cause havoc and tear your own homes down in my son’s name. You shouldn’t do it. … it’s just not acceptable.”

Interesting what she says about Trump, and how much she has respect for him

This could be an indication of how the elections play out.

Kenosha Riots General /KRG/ #2

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Unicorn Riots in Minneapolis:

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Feds forcibly extracting peopl […]


Meanwhile in Paris

Recap 8/26/2020

  1. There are rumors that a coup will take place on Saturday, August 29, in Berlin, Germany.

  2. China fires two missiles into sea as “warning to US" in huge escalation following spy plane breach. China’s PLA military angrily denounced that a US U-2 spy plane allegedly entered a ‘no-fly zone’ off China’s coast while the PLA conducted live-fire military drills. It was unclear exactly where the claimed breach of airspace happened, however.

  3. PLA conducted test launches of intercontinental ballistic missiles. Satellite recorded the launch of a YJ-18 cruise missile from an O52D destroyer of the Chinese Navy. More than 40 warships of the Chinese Navy left their bases in the east of the country and went to sea.

  4. Venezuelan police special forces, FAES, were ambushed in the Cota 905 area of Caracas. Explosions from large-caliber weapons were heard. It is curious that an M20 Super Bazooka rocket launcher was seen in service with the militants of Caracas, which was previously in service with the Venezuelan army (which once again confirms the fact of corruption in the ‘socialist’ countries). At the same time, Maduro is going to purchase Iranian medium and long-range missiles.

  5. Russia’s state arms seller to offer almost 50 new weapon systems to world market. These are final products involving air defense systems, combat and military transport aircraft, and also the armor, naval hardware and artillery, Rosoboronexport CEO Alexander Mikheyev said.

  6. Ilyushin Il-96-300 RSD097 of the special flight detachment "Russia,” which ensures the transportation of officials and other important persons of the special services of Russia or the Armed Forces of Russian Federation, on a flight from Moscow, is landing in Washington Dulles, USA. Which of Russian security officials flew to US? Ilyushin Il-96-300 RSD097 special flight detachment “Russia” aircraft, which provides transportation of high-ranking officers of Russian Armed Forces, took off from Washington and headed back to Moscow.

  7. A Tu-214VPU RA-64523 aircraft of the FSB of Russia landed in Minsk. Meanwhile, Belarusian sources report the arrival of a large Russian delegation that flew in Tu-214VPU to the residence of President Lukashenko.

  8. Possibly in connection with the visit of high-ranking Kremlin officials in Belarus, the authorities again began to jam the Internet and telephone communications. Although in Russia the situation with the Internet is not much better. Online banking did not work today either.

  9. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson called for a full-scale and transparent investigation of the situation with Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny. In response, the Kremlin replied: “What difference does it make what you found in Berlin? You found it in Berlin, so sort it out in Berlin. And if something happens with Navalny, then all the questions are also to the Germans.”

  10. An-124-100 heavy transport aircraft and seven Il-76 Russian Aerospace Forces arrived at the Khmeimim airbase from Chkalovsky airfield near Moscow.

  11. An explosion thundered in a five-story building in Moscow, on st. Kubinka. The fire covered three floors out of five. Residents of the upper floors were blocked by fire in their apartments. Floor slabs collapsed. Eyewitnesses said that one woman was literally thrown out of a window by the force of explosion. Mosgaz officially announced that gas equipment is not the cause of explosion and fire.

  12. The oldest distillery in the city “Russian North” caught fire in Vologda where 800 tons of alcohol were stored.

  13. For the first time since 2006, the Israel Defense Forces entered open confrontation with Hezbollah, destroying several Hezbollah observation posts on the border with Lebanon. On the evening of August 25, Israeli Air Force F-16 fighter and several AH-64 Apache helicopters struck with white phosphorus in response to shelling from Lebanese side at Israeli forces stationed at the border.

  14. Hurricane Laura, a high category 4 storm in the Gulf of Mexico, will make landfall in the next few hours. Residents were told to evacuate. Even the news crews have evacuated. The National Hurricane Service has called the expected storm surge unsurvivable: “Unsurvivable storm surge with large, destructive waves will cause catastrophic damage from Sea Rim State Park, TX, to Intracoastal City, LA. Surge could penetrate up to 30 miles inland. If you need to evacuate, do so NOW.” Lightning in the eyeball shows signs of intensification.

  15. Space station crew spend extra night in Russian segment as air leak investigation continues. But there’s nothing to worry about, NASA officials stressed.

  16. Jacques Cousteau’s grandson wants to build the International Space Station of the sea. Off the coast of Curaçao, at a depth of 60 feet, aquanaut Fabien Cousteau is looking to create the world’s largest underwater research habitat.

  17. Hundreds of astronomers warn Elon Musk’s Starlink satellites could limit scientific discoveries. Hundreds of astronomers have warned that satellite constellations like Elon Musk‘s Starlink network could prove “extremely impactful” to astronomy and scientific progress.

  18. ULA’s Delta IV Heavy rocket lifts off from Cape Canaveral with the NROL-44 mission for the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO). Launch is scheduled for 2:12 a.m. EDT, on Aug. 27, 2020.

  19. The owner of Miller Lite said it had to suspend production of some canned beers, while Coca-Cola said some of its products may be difficult to find in cans because of tight supplies.

  20. Royal Canadian Mounted Police Explosives Disposal Unit will be conducting training in the Upper Gullies area of Scotts Lane in C.B.S.

  21. Tweet from US Senatorial candidate Daniel Burke references a video statement from NSA whistleblower Bill Binney minutes after the mods at Reddit shut down his AMA. Binney: “They didn’t want anybody telling the truth about anything… especially as it negates the Russiagate story."

  22. Bill Gates and the WHO say they have confidence in the two leading COVID vaccines: the AstraZeneca (Oxford) vaccine and Moderna’s. Gates is invested in both.

  23. IRS puts cryptocurrency front and center of 2020 tax return. You won’t be able to overlook the question this time: the US agency wants to know if you’ve transacted with virtual currency.

  24. Palantir CEO slams Silicon Valley’s “engineering elites" social justice warriors. “The engineering elite of Silicon Valley may know more than most about building software. But they do not know more about how society should be organized or what justice requires,” Karp wrote. “Our company was founded in Silicon Valley. But we seem to share fewer and fewer of the technology sector’s values and commitments. From the start, we have repeatedly turned down opportunities to sell, collect, or mine data. Other technology companies, including some of the largest in the world, have built their entire businesses on doing just that. Software projects with our nation’s defense and intelligence agencies, whose missions are to keep us safe, have become controversial, while companies built on advertising dollars are commonplace. The world’s largest consumer internet companies have never had greater access to the most intimate aspects of our lives. And the advance of their technologies has outpaced the development of the forms of political control that are capable of governing their use. The bargain between the public and the technology sector has for the most part been consensual, in that the value of the products and services available seemed to outweigh the invasions of privacy that enabled their rise. Americans will remain tolerant of the idiosyncrasies and excesses of the Valley only to the extent that technology companies are building something substantial that serves the public interest. The corporate form itself — that is, the privilege to engage in private enterprise — is a product of the state and would not exist without it. Our software is used to target terrorists and to keep soldiers safe. If we are going to ask someone to put themselves in harm’s way, we believe that we have a duty to give them what they need to do their job. We have chosen sides, and we know that our partners value our commitment. We stand by them when it is convenient, and when it is not.”

  25. Four United States soldiers were injured in Syria following clashes with Russian troops. There was a clash between Russian and US troops in the village of Derik, Malikia region. The Pentagon said multiple US troops were injured in a collision with a Russian military convoy in eastern Syria Tuesday. One of Russian armored cars collided with US car, as a result of which crew received “injuries similar to concussion”, four Americans injured.

  26. Russian armored car “Typhoon-Air Defense” was first shown to public at the Army-2020 forum. International MaxxPro armored vehicles participated from US team - and the BTR-82A armored vehicles, the Tiger and Typhoon armored vehicles, as well as the Ural, from the Russian team. Russian Mi-8 helicopter operated from the air. According to the Ministry of Defense, the competition ended with a confident victory for the Russian Armed Forces, which managed to block the Americans.

  27. Total warzone in Kenosha as “Boogaloo Boys” and Antifa/BLM Rioters exchange fire on streets. On video, Multiple gunmen run into the fray before gunfire erupts. Local business owners were seen on rooftops armed with laser pointed rifles being attacked by rioters with stones. A ‘Boogaloo boy’ Armed militia clashed was seen shooting at Antifa/BLM Militants that were rioting tonight in Kenosha. The shooter can be clearly seen surrounded and outnumbered by Militants/Rioters. Shooter Kyle Rittenhouse, aka Kyle Lewis, was on video being offered and tossed a bottled water out of a law enforcement officer’s vehicle. The officer in the vehicle: “We appreciate you guys being out here.” Shooter in Wisconsin identified as a 17 year old Illinois minor playing Call of Duty Civil War against Antifa while being high fived and given water bottles by the Police beforehand. Tweets from people monitoring police scanner indicate suspect has been caught; he may also have shot an officer, according to scanner. Reports say he has been arrested and charged with first-degree murder. Mark Dice: “Videos prove Kyle Rittenhouse was being chased and about to be attacked by rioters when he shot the perpetrator in self defense.” Multiple gunshot victims reported at local hospital - possibly 4. The men with guns have been IDed by protester.

  28. Gunfight between armed libertarians and BLM in Kenosha. Protesters tried to break through police perimeter around courthouse; police responded with tear gas. Protesters in Kenosha continue to erect barricades, the police destroy them with armored vehicles, incl. with use of International MaxxPro, on which US special forces patrol the north of Syria — now they actively used inside the country too. Trump sends federal security forces to Kenosha.

  29. Portland businesses leave due to lawlessness endorsed by mayor.

  30. “Every city every town, burn the precinct to the ground”, chant the Antifa Militants in Portland.

  31. Unrest grows In downtown Minneapolis after police say murder suspect killed himself on Nicollet Mall. Hostile crowds are gathering in downtown Minneapolis Wednesday night after police say a man wanted in connection with a homicide earlier in the day killed himself as officers approached him on Nicollet Mall.

  32. Father and step-daughter shot dead in Georgetown County after a traffic accident. Ty Sheem Ha Sheem Walters III, 23, of Moncks Corner, has been charged with two counts of murder and one count of attempted murder in connection to the incident. The Georgetown County Sheriff’s Office accuses Walters of opening fire on the three victims following a vehicle collision around 5 p.m. Monday near the intersection of Georgetown Hwy. (U.S. 521) and Indian Hut Road, roughly halfway between the City of Georgetown and the Town of Andrews. Deputies said Walters ran away on foot after the shooting. He was caught about an hour and a half later in a nearby wooded area after being tracked by bloodhounds.

  33. One man was killed and a second was wounded when gunfire erupted in the upscale residential Beverly Glen neighborhood Wednesday morning. The suspects are at large.

  34. Explosion has emergency crews rushing to landfill in Rostraver Township.

  35. An explosion left a gaping hole in a concrete storage silo at the AG Partners facility in Royal, Iowa.

Kenosha Dead guy #2

Anthony Huber DOB 1994

Narrative being pushed was he was a swell, peace loving guy; the records speak for themself



Kenosha Dead guy #2

Anthony Huber DOB 1994

Narrative being pushed was he was a swell, peace loving guy; the records speak for themself



:gun: Bullets useless, Lasers go brrrrrr :zap::boom:

Connect the dots

Seems fake?

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