He was a spreader! Gave it to like 7-8 people

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He was a spreader! Gave it to like 7-8 people

:us: U.S. Senate passes $8.3 billion emergency spending bill to combat coronavirus, sending it to Trump’s desk.

Definitely by corona lots of money go from budget for Corona operations, wish that they only made money on people fear and all will be alright with all of us :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Loss of a child

Firewall also causes more isolation

Loss of a parent

2 confirmed in San Francisco!

That’s why we push people into using telegram and VPN

confirmed community spread on both sides of the county going back over a month lol whats it matter how many are confirmed at this point? imagine how many are unconfirmed

What You think this is more related to that virus that we thought and those vaccacine can help?

its really interesting

Exactly, i work in Downtown. I am

I mean…the supply chain is fucked so idk why youre worried about infections, youre far more likely to be affected by people not being able to do their jobs. No state has even enough hospital beds for 1% of the population, yet the virus is hospitalizing 20% or more… I see this shutting down the system eventually.

89 infected in Norway.
Not many days ago we had none.
Now we are 15th in the world with confirmed cases and moving up quickly.
(FHI) The institute for public health says the progression of the decease is just as they predicted and are now getting ready for mass infections :flushed: Mind you they did nothing to prevent it

In my opinion when you have a major mucus event that is when the virus first enters your body and the body is trying to get rid of it… Then the incubation period begins which is kind of scary…


Im over thinking im tired

What? Why