He’s drinking to much Mango lassi with Vodka


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He’s drinking to much Mango lassi with Vodka

On his Indian tour

But remember as The President it is your job to avoid/stop panic

my portfolio had the worst single day in a few years

For profits it’s better to make positive announcements than negative ones


Wish you joined us weeks ago

Many of us picked biomedical stocks related to the pandemic

As president your job is supposed to be to lead proactively and muster the strength of the America people to tackle difficulties.

I think we are meant to get N952 or something here.

Yes revolution

Mango lassi is rad. Can’t blame a man for that

It’s a joke, he doesn’t drink. If he did I would panic. He lost his brother who was a pilot to alcoholism

Mango lassi is non alcoholic. And very very tasty