He rambles doesn't really answer and then at ~ 2:30 she just walks off

He rambles doesn’t really answer and then at ~ 2:30 she just walks off

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wth. It’s like she was reading her notes & he was attempting reading off the teleprompter :joy:

Also, why does she refer to him as “Mr Vice President”? Biden is a FORMER Vice President, I thought only former presidents retained their title.


International Consortium of Investigative Journalist’s are saying on Reddit that they are going to release financial records from FinCEN today/Sunday at 1PM ET. Documents are about money laundering and financial crime related and the have worked over a year with selected media outlets. They are the same group who released Panama papers.


If they release sensitive information, would the real investigations be jeoparadiced?

Azazel News #Recap 9/19/2020

  1. Possible Far Side Sunspot: The Earth side of the sun has been blank for nearly a month. That could soon change. NASA’s STEREO-A spacecraft has detected an ultraviolet hotspot on the far side of the sun. It’s probably a sunspot, due to turn toward Earth early next week. Stay tuned.

  2. CNN: “Venus is a Russian planet - say the Russians. No longer confined to the territories here on Earth, Russia has now staked its claim on Venus, saying it is a “Russian planet.” [Holy fucking shit. They are disclosing everything. “Phosphine & Russian.” Yeah they are already there. The war is going interplanetary.]

  3. Keep building skill sets. Do not stay on Earth when the path to go Off-World is available. Some of you want it more badly than others - the gals especially are kicking ass in building up skills. Look at the skill sets of the Non-Terrestrial Officers. Aerospace Engineering, Optical Engineering, Earth Sciences, Remote Sensing, Atmospheric Chemistry and Dynamics, High Vacuum Theory, Earth and Planetary Sciences, Electrical Engineering. Do you think these Wizards pay attention or waste time on politics? Do you think at MIT they wasted time protesting Reagan or Bush??? A gold rush has started. Many of you can be in it. Look at cosmicdoe - she’s in an intensive one year program to learn welding. After that I guarantee that Lockheed or Boeing scoops her up. Right now in Antartica they have PhDs washing dishes in the mess hall. You know why? Because they want to be there. How badly do you think they want to go off-planet? And all of you can leave the bullshit in the white world behind. All of you. Some of you have been in quarantine for six months. How did you use that time? Even watching Space Force on Netflix. They purposefully emphasized the need for skilled technicians. Remember the scene in which they were seeking Welders for the Lunar Base and the guy wanted a million dollars? Guess what? NEXT. Remember when the helicopter pilot who would fly Steve Carrell around asked the scientist played by Jimmy Yang to teach her Botany? We put these trial balloons in film/movies/shows for you to pick up on. Many are called. Few are selected. If you can isolate the humor/comedy and understand the underlying message then yes it’s worth watching but you have to separate it from the Legacy Space Force. The show is satire on the growing pains of the White Space Force which was created in December. In reality both are now under joint operation but did you notice how when you watch it it is pro-meritocracy? Take notice of the real world examples. Watch season 9, episode 5, of Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown. In the White World, this is the purest example of what a meritocracy is like on Earth. In a meritocratic society, members work together to achieve common goals. These values come up often in sci-fi media as a form of soft disclosure. If some of you truly want to know what life is like on the sea floor (which is referred to as The Floor) or off-world (under the dome on Mars), this is it. The women Anthony Bourdain interviews are made of the same mettle as Ellen Ripley. These women are able to carry their own weight in a multitude of skills, including HAM radio, first aid, welding, knowledge and usage of weaponry, etc. (Also Mars could use a bit more Women too. Just saying…) Tomorrow, we will discuss why espousing a meritocracy is crucial in these environments - and why anti-meritocracy is a threat to society. Keep learning skills, welcome hardship, and support each other. HAM Radio License/certification is just the start of the Rabbit Hole. What I want for all of you to understand is that a world/reality/solar system/galaxy/universe exists beyond the Veil. These rooms/channels were created so you don’t have to wait for wanting to improve yourself.

  4. From a Doomsdayer: “Guy just tried to use his PNC debit card… the square system kicked it back saying card cant be processed because was using for firearms and or ammo. The owner said it’s happening more and more.” [Seems FinTech companies are trying to subvert Pro Second Amendment clientele more and more.]

  5. Mark Zuckerberg mulling over “brain-controlling and implantable” tech, because controlling online speech isn’t Orwellian enough by itself.

  6. U.S. bans WeChat, TikTok, citing national security reasons. The U.S. Commerce Department has issued an order that will bar people in the United States from downloading Chinese-owned messaging app WeChat and video-sharing app TikTok, starting Sunday.

  7. Well-known journalist Glenn Greenwald has once again sparked intense debate on the Left by refusing to conform to any level of group-think. On Friday he mused about the ongoing Julian Assange extradition trial in London, offering an explanation as to why mainstream US media has seemingly dropped Assange from its radar, despite during the early years of the most bombshell WikiLeaks revelations working closely with Assange in terms of corroborating coverage. “It’s true that one reason that the Assange prosecution - despite its extreme dangers and consequences - is receiving so little media attention is that it doesn’t have a partisan angle. But another is that many liberals believe their political adversaries deserve to be in prison,” says Greenwald. Glenn Greenwald: “Julian Assange and the group he founded, WikiLeaks, have broken most stories of historic importance than most of the US & UK journalists who hate him combined. Do these journalists despise Assange despite this fact, or because of it? Despite that, it was fairly accepted in liberal circles (and media ones) that prosecuting Assange would be a grave threat to press freedom. Now Trump DOJ is doing it, and liberals are silent-to-supportive because Assange hurt Hillary & liberals want him imprisoned for that.”

  8. The CCP hired land ruffians to chop down fruit trees. This farmer could only grow grain within five years. Shilai Town, Xintai City, Shandong Province, the local government began in April to require villages not to plant trees but only grow grain within five years. #5 Can only grow grain within a year. “Bitter Winter” magazine recently reported that many farmers confirmed that the CCP threatened to withdraw their contracting rights and management rights in order to force farmers to cut trees and grow grain, forcing the elderly to be forced to farm and work outside. Forced to return home. In Shilai Town, Xintai City, Shandong Province, the local government began in April to require villages not to plant trees within five years, but only to grow grain, and must cut down the trees that have been planted within a time limit and change to planting grain. Some villagers said that the government hired people to secretly cut all poplar trees in a village at night without the villagers’ consent. “Those ruffians holding long wooden sticks will hit anyone who resists. Who dares to scream. This time the tree cutting policy is mandatory and there is no room for negotiation," said a 60-year-old villager. In Guangzhou City, all the fruit trees and vegetables that were about to be harvested in a village were shoveled and planted with rice in 17 days. The CCP controls land ownership, and farmers only have the right to contract and operate. A villager said, “The government called for planting fruit trees for a while, but now it is asking for rice to be planted, and the land must be reclaimed without planting. The Chinese don’t even own a piece of land. The government has the final say.”

  9. This Chinese cockroach farm houses a billion roaches contained by a moat with hungry fish. It wasn’t the story China correspondent Bill Birtles would have picked as his last before being forced out of the country, but these roaches are not just household pests, they could be the key to more sustainable farming and reducing landfill.

  10. Ministry of National Defense, R.O.C.: “Sep. 19, twelve J-16 fighters, two J-10 fighters, two J-11 fighters, two H-6 bombers and one Y-8 ASW crossed the midline of the Taiwan Strait and entered Taiwan’s southwest ADIZ. ROCAF scrambled fighters, and deployed air defense missile system to monitor the activities.”

  11. Press TV, IRGC chief: Iran’s revenge ‘definite’, but to target those behind assassination. ”The chief commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) says Iran will definitely avenge the US assassination of General Qassem Soleimani, but it will only target those who are either directly or indirectly involved in the murder. General Hossein Salami’s remarks on Saturday came after a US publication claimed that Iran planned to assassinate the American ambassador to South Africa in retaliation, prompting both Tehran and Johannesburg to dismiss the allegation. “Our promise of avenging the martyrdom of General Soleimani is definite, serious and real. Mr. Trump, do not doubt our revenge, because it is quite definite and serious,” General Hossein Salami said at the joint morning ceremony of the General Staff of the IRGC."

  12. Israel backs Hungary, says financier Soros is a threat. Israel’s foreign ministry has issued a statement denouncing U.S. billionaire George Soros, a move that appeared designed to align Israel more closely with Hungary ahead of a visit to Budapest next week by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

  13. Nitrogen explosion in Belarus. On September 15 Grodno-Azot fucked up — two workshops were out of order at once. The press secretary of Belneftekhim has not yet been able to answer the question of what exactly happened. According to TASS, compressor is out of order.

  14. On the evening of September 18, an explosion occurred in the ammonia production shop at the chemical plant of JSC Novomoskovsk Joint Stock Company Azot (near Tula). The explosion was caused by depressurization of the pipeline. According to Novomoskovsk administration, “No harmful emissions as a result of the explosion." [Ammonia is definitely an extremely useful thing! The smell is awesome!]

  15. Precrime in Aus: Victoria police could arrest people who ‘MIGHT’ breach Covid lockdown under proposed bill.

  16. In London, anti coronavirus lockdown protesters face off with police in central London. Chants of ‘choose your side’ are aimed at officers.

  17. Soros-backed coalition preparing for post-election day chaos. A massive network of well funded left-wing activists and progressive groups are training, organizing, and planning to mobilize post-election.

  18. Gateway Pundit: “Proud Boys promote fake rally to expose violent Antifa lunatics — and it worked. The Proud Boys advertised a fake rally in West Philadelphia’s Clark Park on Saturday, causing Antifa to flood the streets. When the Proud Boys did not show up, they attacked conservative independent media instead.”

  19. Southern California is rocked by a 4.5-magnitude earthquake - with tremors felt from Los Angeles to San Diego. The quake hit 10 miles west of L.A. at 11.39 pm local time. [Cough. Bullshit. Cough. 4.5 my ass. Also how many earthquakes in the history of the world have helicopters circling around the epicenter around 2 hours before it goes off?]

  20. West Coast wildfire smoke dropped temperatures in Upstate NY by up to 5 degrees. There’s been no significant decline in air quality yet, scientists say. Year Without a Summer: 1816, a volcanic winter event during the Little Ice Age. Preventing forest fires / preventing controlled burns = globe warms. The massive near-elimination of controlled forest burns, in the past few centuries & especially in the past century, may be have been the primary driver of climate change all along. Primarily due to smoke clouds, but in other ways as well. The near elimination of controlled burns being the true dominant cause of the 1.4 degrees F of global warming over past 100 years. Already long been proven that volcano smoke clouds cool global climate. Forest fire smoke, being far greater, could be expected to have an even more dramatic effect. Hippies demand a complete end to controlled burns, claiming it’s bad for the environment. Globe warms, due to the dramatic reduction in burns. Lack of burns causes fuel to build up, dramatically increasing severity of eventual fire.
    Mega fire finally arrives. Hippies make insane claim that the sole cause of the forest fires is global warming from pollution. Prior to European colonization of the Americas, indigenous peoples used controlled burns to modify the landscape. These controlled fires were part of the environmental cycles and maintenance of wildlife habitats that sustained the people’s cultures and economies. Environmental eco-terrorism has been on the rise. Why? Same as radical left terrorism — they claim to be supporting a good cause. The ones pretending to support a good cause can always get away with the most. We will soon get into the cycles and how the burns play a role.

  21. Evergreen Intel: “B-52H over Ohio currently. SCALP93 is reg. 60-0015, ICAO AE5877. Found using MLAT on ADSBx.”

  22. Normal 1500+ planes over LA and 200 Helios. But zoom in and trace, use the rewind feature in flight map pro or flightRadar24, and a very different picture is painted. 200+ planes NA some NA to NA — air bases outside of LA filled ground and sky then nothing in sight for miles and miles and hours at a time. The sky is normal Friday night from 6-10pm then the everything in 100 miles around la goes into circle mode before the jolt (quake). Question everything…and please open your eyes. Have a good day.

  23. US cases of depression have tripled during the COVID-19 pandemic. According to recent data, cases of depression have tripled among adults in the United States during the COVID-19 pandemic, possibly in response to it.

Darknet market vendor identified via fingerprints in photo posted

Meanwhile in Iraq

BLM activist swarms a white couple eating dinner in DC for simply recording their protest She accuses him of being racist for recording and proceeds to comment on the size of his … “I bet your dick is tiny”

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Wow UFC doing politics hard these days, this I was not aware of.


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