HD3s communicating with 3D visual telepathy (crop circles)

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HD3s communicating with 3D visual telepathy (crop circles)

Damn. Have it mislabeled as an HD2B (still learning myself)

Fix it in the imgur

Yea in that region it’s not a suit

They don’t have communications kits

Or rig

How about “magic carpets”? Has to refer to something Jinns have/use

No just Disney

Haha fair

But look at what Disney did

Look at the order of the movies

Little Mermaid :mermaid:‍♀ to teach about underwater life and civilizations

Beauty and the Beast to teach about Bigfoot / hybridization and spliced humanoids

Aladdin to teach about Djinns

Now it’s 2020 and all of you are pre trained slowly

Since childhood

Makes complete sense.

Look at the 80s DuckTales too. Gets into shapeshifting, magic, MK, materialism, cloning, hybrids, ancient aliens … and that only a fraction of it.