have you tried being rich

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have you tried being rich

Don’t have to try .

For something that’s a given

oic u a trust fund baby?

just dont mix too much xanax with heroin mkay

We just might :smirk:

why u prep then

all elites are in new zealand, with fresh supplies of convalescent plasma and replacement organs from chinese prisoners


Guys, anyone have any real evidence that this Virus was genetically modified? I saw one study but it was quickly refunded by respectable scientists. We all know there is a top level research lab 350m away from the alleged seafood market. Looking for real evidence. Thanks

Not that I’ve seen. But I would argue it was irrelevant. It’s still organic material and as humans we will adapt. The virus is still going to mutate and eventually between our immunity and its downgrading an equilibrium will be found.

You don’t think that this virus has been modified?

As of today the real wealth is a secluded house with people for security and land to farm with liquid cash , precious metals , some crypto and medical supplies


That was a short term loan bruh to ease up liquidity

Not free money to them

Where was the money? Repo? Fed funds?

Feds didn’t go buy up stocks to pump up the market

And who exactly do you think is paying the loan back ?

The borrowers mostly banks here

It is sad people who don’t understand what’s happening are spreading misinformation

And it’s loans backed up by collateral

Even if they don’t pay up feds can sell the collateral

Which is unlikely though

Morning cadets!

Hi I was just talking to my girlfriend about CEOs resigning
And then I spoke about the movie idiocracy & how signs have been around