Hate masks? Try this Space Age helmet instead

⤺ reposted by @hiddeninthegarden from I will never comply to masks for something that is until today is not even proven to be there. PCR test is useless for that

that would make my flight more comfortable
Air is the company $189 per mask
looks good

I like them too but: due to high demand orders placed after 09/21/20 will not begin shipping until early December

I prefer to be killed with a spoon

Personal question. What is your age please. Me I am 48

I prefer to die hahahaha

Due to OPSEC I cannot say my age, gender , location or any other facts.

Sharing information about yourself in open forum is never a good idea.

I can say that I understand and i am awake.

and that somethings people are only waking up to now ,others are still asleep
and very few are choosing not to wake up at all.

Its only stays dark if you refuse to light the fire or turn on the light.