Has any of the coverage mentioned the airline flying people in?

⤺ reposted by @miette057 from Assuming for a moment this is true, because the coup information has all been rumored and unsourced so far; however, it's been on our radar because of who has reported on the possibility...

Has any of the coverage mentioned the airline flying people in?

Not me, have a search and find out. :slight_smile:

Last protest

Daily reminder.

Den Haag Netherlands

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Well, I thought you might have some idea about it since you decided to post some anonymous screenshot about it. I thought you might actually be following this yourself. Maybe you should ask the originator of the anonymous screenshot if they know who the airline is.

:slight_smile: to busy doing other stuff. I’m just a messanger.


Delete it all if you like.

Sure is.

This is a follow up on the child rescue mission.

As if Melbourne isn’t going through enough being on the strictest lockdown in the Western world…now this…

Emergency water tankers have been deployed to residents who have no power to boil water after a chaotic day cleaning up from a storm that killed three people, brought down trees and potentially contiminated the drinking water of hundreds of thousands.
More than 270,000 households across 99 suburbs were urged to boil water and about 16,000 people remained without power on Friday night after the wild storms the night before.