Harvard Professor, BU Researcher Among 3 Arrested For Ties To China

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Five star… Sweet. :ok_hand:t4:

I don’t know if this was shared previously or not. I saw it earlier this week. It’s Senator Cotton from Arkansas addressing Generals. He makes a point to mention that Wuhan has a BSL-4 lab.

Yeah. This is a great speech

Vermont is monitoring 9 with coronavirus… I told you guys its already here in the US.

Its just a matter of time before people start showing symptoms because of the incubation period of which is determined by your immunity. It is spreading fast because people are not showing symptoms plus Aris shared that it mutated where people are not showing fevers anymore

At my office people have been coughing it could be a different cold but I think it’ll really hit nyc this week.

Don’t take any chances mask up wash your hands and protect your eyes.

I believe peoples’ best defense is their own immune system. Fuel your body with the proper nutrients.

If this virus is attacking your weakest cells like a bacteriophage best bet is to strengthen those cells. While also wearing proper gear.

Vermont?? Where is that in the news please.

No current cases

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