Greenland Screening #Recap 9/27/2020

“Greenland was first released in Belgium, making $73,112 from 55 theaters on its opening weekend. On its first day of release in France, the film made $255,000 with 31,000 tickets sold, 61% ahead of Butler’s Olympus Has Fallen (2013) despite fewer theaters and tight COVID-19 restrictions. Overall, it debuted to $1.09 million in the country, with a 10-day international total of $1.3 million. In its third weekend of international release, the film finished first in nine countries and made a total of $2.82 million. By August 30 the film had a running total of $10.2 million.”

“It was originally scheduled to be theatrically released on June 12, 2020, but was delayed to July 30, 2020, and then August 14, 2020, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Its domestic release was again delayed on July 24, moving to September 25, 2020. The film’s release schedule includes Belgium (July 29), France (August 5), and Scandinavia (August 12). On September 14, it was announced the film’s American release has been delayed again, this time to an unspecified date later in 2020.”

Mysterious Universe: “Trailer for “Greenland” Comet Disaster Movie Mysteriously Disappears. The trailer for the upcoming comet disaster movie “Greenland” was available for a day and then mysteriously disappeared without reason.”

“NASA Researchers Track Slowly Splitting ‘Dent’ in Earth’s Magnetic Field. A host of NASA scientists in geomagnetic, geophysics, and heliophysics research groups observe and model the SAA, to monitor and predict future changes – and help prepare for future challenges to satellites and humans in space.”

The first trailers on YouTube were posted before the lockdown. Then scrubbed. Then reposted three months ago for international release. This movie trailer was removed shortly after research showed that the atlas comet might be disintegrating. The movie depicts a comet breaking into parts and destroying humanity as we know it. Coincidence? Or something more?

Ask yourself why no one can find a HD copy. Not even on Telegram.

Now that Atlas has already passed. In 2020 we’ve already had too many asteroids fly by. Tell me a year that you recall in your life with so many asteroid encounters? Fucking Never! Add to the mix NASA admitting something is wrong with the Atlantic magnetic anomaly, and put a cherry on top with all countries joining the space race desperately. Connect the dots, use your time wisely, focus in new skills and been in shape. And stretch daily!!!

Here is a scenario.

-Civil unrest gets out of control
-Military bases get attacked
-Some brass get trigger happy
-WWIII at our doorstep

Complete panic!!!

Protected areas can only host a finite amount of people. Every person in the protected area will be justified.

Rather you see it hard ball like this than the soft balls of Deep Impact and Jericho because I doubt 10% of you are truly prepared. Removed from viewing in America. You guys are going to watch it first, then I will state the lesson plan and lessons to be learned. Then we will do Q/A. Before we start, ignore the ads, just watch through the two annoying ads. The lessons in this movie are valuable and could save your life. Some of you need a fire under your asses on getting Ham Radio certified and taking prepping seriously. You’ll understand.


You see this many jets in the air. An alert goes off on your phone. DHS is calling. Leave the grocery store immediately. Bud Light is the least of your concerns.

Not confirming spot of sheltering selection immediately. These positions might be first come basis.

Call and alert wife before arriving back to the house.

Tell guests to leave. Make up an excuse.

Birds should be a clue to leave immediately. All unusual behavior in wildlife is a clue. Always follow the critters and foul.

His neighbors saw that he was offered Emergency Shelter so they are in a panic. He has guilt leaving them behind and they are in a panic on why they did not get a bracelet. (But you know… let’s stand around watching TV so the audience can get more exposition…. Well they don’t want to miss the next episode of American Disaster.)

You know the alert system goes to the TV. That info is confidential. No one without clearance should be watching your TV. (Kind of like how a high level official shouldn’t be using a private computer or phone to to make calls and send emails…)

Riots already starting, people stocking up on supplies, the ones who are unprepared. On their way the media announces Presidential Alerts have gone out, thus making everyone a target.

Have go bag ready to go. No time to pack. Obviously this is a movie, so you must factor that in, if this event happens you have to act fast grab bug out bag get to bug out location fast…setup preset communication arrangement with friends and family in the event of a ELE extinction level event. After receiving the Alert they did not leave right away, no Bug Out Bag. If they had a Bug Out Bag, neighbors would not be able to guilt them or pressure them to take their kids. Do not allow anyone to separate you from your bug out bag.

No roll out bags. Get a backpack. If you need to run your roll out bag will slow you down. And at any point you will decide to abandon it with everything in it.

From EDC/Bug Out list:
-Long Johns
-Real nourishing rations/food
-Solar panel carry charging pack
-Rechargeable batteries
-Hot water bladder

I find a few lists overlook these items and giving it thought realize how important they are.

Long johns: Most people get cold fucking quick. And, when you get cold usually just one night in a car gets you sick, demoralized. Long johns and base layers are light weight and keep heat on the body in the body. I can’t recommend them enough.

Food: Most people get low energy, moody, irrational ,and lose their cool just 8-12 without. Imagine being fucking cold, lost, disoriented, in chaos, etc., and hungry. Shitty. Think about food that’s satisfying For You. Remember you’re the #1 priority. I pack dried olives, instant broth, German bread, and chocolate. These are all things compatible with my palate and I know I can rely on. Emergency bag is 3 days, so bring real food! Store the grains and whatever canned stuff.

The solar chargers and rechargeable batteries you can find online. Best case scenario, electronic works but most people don’t think of outlets access in public spaces, the hassle, etc. Travel with rechargeable also gives you trust in multiple days/nights of flashlight use, also if goes out usually screwed.

Hot water bladder is the fucking WIN of the century. SO undervalued. It’s a cheap light rubber bladder you fill with steaming hot water and will keep its energy for many hours. Some are taught to use a fire rock to keep heat at the navel in extreme situations. I literally now people who sleep with a bladder every night! Especially if in a car or god knows where, hot water usually can come by. Don’t go to sleep and wake up cold and sniffley! Get a bladder. Get two. Especially elders and ppl with poor circulation or sleep solo. (Sleep with partner/friends in most situations is advised because of this.)

Oh, and water!!! Bring fucking gallons. Literally, you can drink half a gallon if you know you’re going to be on the move without access, and share with others. Nothing worse than chronic dehydration to throw subtle glandular, metabolic functions off. There’s 100 crucial functions water plays in the body. Way better to pee three times. Plus MINERALS/electrolytes. I like straight lemon or lime juice in small bottle. Good tablets and tinctures as well.

Don’t argue with neighbor. Drive away. Stop arguing with screaming neighbors in the street. Wife should know only the family can go. Should be mentally prepared for that and not trying to take the neighbor’s child. Not everyone can be saved.

When time is of the essence, you need to leave right away to a bug out location or have enough supplies to shelter in place.

End scene: Shot of the decimated Earth + crescendo of overlapping ham radio call sign squawking. I’m thinking walkie talkies would be a good next purchase. Ham radio license. Don’t rely on your cell phone. Cell phones wont work. (Miumiu posted videos in Doomsday Radio regarding Ham Radio for a car but some of you have messaged me if it’s a good idea and you haven’t even passed the test. Take the test, guys. They do them online now. And you know the majority of the people taking HAM Radio test are ALL MILITARY FAMILIES. Since July. Hopefully tonight this film gets you off your asses.

A pay phone? When/where have you seen a pay phone in the past ten years? A working payphone at that? Slim to none. I really don’t think they exist anymore. If you encounter a working payphone you will have a line behind you and people telling you to hurry the fuck up upon the threat of violence if you don’t. There are currently only four phone booths left in New York City, according to the New York Times – all of them on the Upper West Side. The last remaining booths can all be found on West End Avenue at 66th Street, 90th Street, 100th Street, and 101st Street
as of Sep 1, 2020. I’ve seen maybe 3. 1 in a public park, 1 near a gas station in a West Coast Navy town, and one in a hospital, but not sure if that is still there. I have a replica Tardis. Does that count? But it counts in so many other ways.

Press would never announce presidential alerts. That’s just silly. Media is stupid or lies.

Everybody is armed. Lack of personal defense for him and or family. Not alluding to a firearm but anything. Yes. And he seems confused. He would be trained for this. When Gerard Butler gets on the truck he is unarmed, even if he was armed in a SHTF scenario do not wear a holster in public. Best to use Conceal Carry.

I would think there would be some kind of code phrase used in the alert, and a signal phrase he would give to the family so they knew it was go time. “So have you heard from your cousin Judy?” *Doesn’t have a cousin Judy.

He didn’t know he was going to be selected. He was not part of the military. Just a normal Joe with family unit selected by his skills. That is why the media is reporting to let people know some are selected for shelter.

Stay off the main highways. Chart the back roads in advance. Main roads blocked. Know your side roads and even off road. No GPS maps. (We just had this convo in my household…do we hit highway or backroad…from my neck of woods. Nearest highway is just 2 lane each way so not busy.)

Keep cars full of gas. Refill at 2/3 tank.

Do not yell out that you were selected. Make your way up inconspicuously.

Notice they fucked up by not hiding or concealing the bracelets. Not concealing the bracelets caused all of their troubles. (As well as forgetting their insulin and disclosing a burden.)

Take notice that the child is diabetic. Medicine left in car. Thus triggering that the child is a special case.

Ask if they have insulin before leaving. Don’t split up if possible. Stay together. No one is going to remember to help your family get on the same plane.

Let’s go back to the Insulin mistake. First the child taking the medicine out of the bag. Then the parents not checking vehicle before abandoning it. And trusting the medicine to a child. Third disclosing they have a burden. No matter how much you beg they will disqualify you. And don’t act surprised. Surviving is a military operation and soldiers are rejected everyday for medical problems, hence you can’t join if you had covid. Remember this: “Coronavirus survivors banned from joining the military. Recruits who have survived COVID-19 are disqualified from joining up.” It was lifted eventually.

If you have someone sick in your family you must prepare triple to survive on your own. If you or any in your family unit have a preexisting condition, lack skills or not in your best shape then you must prepare extra to shelter in place and survive with your own resources, or be like the ones partying at the rooftop and go with a blast accepting you don’t have a chance at survival.

Stock medicines. All kinds. Even ones you don’t personally need.

Military having them consolidate three bags into one, What would you do if you knew before hand? Would you wear layers? Know ahead of time how much stuff you’re allowed to take so you’re not futzing with three bags into one like a moron. (I’m having flashbacks of trying to get through TSA after transforming myself into a Russian Nesting Doll to avoid paying checked bag fees. Matryoshka power move! +1) My INCH bag has 3 separate lightweight compression bags in it each with a different focus, and have one additional compartment of “absolute essentials” along with another folding backpack to transfer content if I have to get rid of all other stuff.

Military Personnel stating that 99.9% of forces have not been selected. Do you understand why the 486 Generals were complaining earlier this week and why no Air Force are on that list. Pay attention to what the list really fucking means. It’s finally in the open the divide and conquered mentioned months ago among brass and rank. This is why retired generals are circle jerking. They know they don’t qualify. They are a burden. A 75 yrs old general on his wheelchair and oxygen with multiple health follow ups can’t join a project. What the fuck would he do?

Wrangle child. Keep better track of child. Someone could take him in this chaos. (It is no longer law and order. It’s human to animal. And to some kidnapping a diabetic child is justified.)

You just lost your child by getting into a car with a stranger. So, you get into a car with another stranger.

Don’t be afraid of death is mistake a lot of people make.

Overcome fear and ACT.

Do not run up to a store being looted. The looting of the store - some citizens will try to become vigilantes and declare martial law to protect property which they have no ties to. This Call of Duty bullshit will get many killed.

Let’s look back when Gerald Butler was inside the plane. Let’s analyze what happened. The protagonist demanding to get out of the plane also caused the plane to disrupt its flight plan and ultimately it got destroyed. Catering to other people’s wishes will cause your demise.

Stick to your plan and do not open that door. It could be your cabin, your basement door, your apartment, if you are sheltering in place. Do not open that door. You can’t predict the timelines; you are not a Gold Wizard.

Inevitable collapse of the nation state in this scenario.

Analyze the mil bases’ protocols. Remember they are all volunteers. This is America - no one is being drafted/mobilized like the Chinese are currently being. Outside the wire/military base, civilization has already fallen apart. Human to Animals in no time, has already happened in every crisis. No one ever talks about the Hurricane Katrina murders. Just because you don’t hear about them does not mean it did not happen. Prepare for that. What could happen with social unrest? People are attacked for their supplies. The lack of food makes people transition from human to animal. We study over and over Katrina. Many dead reported as drowning were in reality assassinated for their supply or shelter. No one talks about it. But just because no one talks about it, it doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. Since May 30th I’ve said it. I’ve heard about that from people who lived down there and also from people who went there voluntarily to try to help out. Just terrible. Now imagine an ELE (Extinction Level Event). If you are showing off that bracelet outside the wire because you are searching for family you will be killed.

Why the hell did she say her family was picked and they wouldn’t let her son on?? Stop being so chatty. These people wouldn’t know anything about them if they would STFU.

If history has shown us the behavior during crisis, why does anyone think it will be different this time around? And why everyone must be stealth and get through the bullshit together. The unprepared are a problem when desperation kicks in.

Enter the Digital ID implantable chip biotech companies. “In times of disaster, you need to be able to move quickly and discretely to protect yourself and your family. With the Skynet666ID, all your important documents and information can be stored onto a subcutaneous chip smaller than a grain of rice. It’s do discrete only you will know it is there.” We cannot rabbit hole at the moment. I’ve made another group for that. Sorry. Don’t put it past anyone to take your whole arm to get to your chip. Even if you are microchipped and you let others know. You will be a target. Exactly. First of all regarding microchips, all Special Forces, higher up government officials, etc., are chipped, as well as countless CEOs. For the government, it’s a violation of security clearance to even disclose it. Hence the “so discrete only you would know it is there” convincing selling point. That’s all I was getting at. For private citizens It’s is a breach of K&R (Kidnap and Ransom) insurance to disclose it. Trust me - if you are chipped it’s not a problem but a blessing. I can’t believe they thought they could get away with rigging the bracelet on. This is a bit more technical and selective than trying to sneak into the VIP room at the club, or getting backstage to meet your favorite band.

Selected in advance. Let’s analyze why he was picked. "They selected people based on their profession.” How does the gov know your profession? Via licenses. Instead of watching Netflix, get your electric license online or plumbing or concrete pourer - anything needed to rebuild society. It all counts. Each day counts. Do not waste time ON Netflix and get savvy in electronics, hydraulics, fluids and anything mechanical. Learn to harvest energy and how things work. Analyze the protagonist - he is not for the greater good and he is not a bad guy but he has caused havoc because rightfully so he is selfish as long as he gets his way he accepts or demands help but affects other people doing it. And that is how everyone outside will act. Survival. How to avoid it - get yourself selected or hunker down and do not open that door. If you have families you must watch this movie with them because even if they refuse to prep at least some parts of the movie will give them pause when they face the same situation in real life.

Grounded all flights. They are in the air, heading to Greenland. Let’s see what happens. The debris has shaken the plane. They are about to crash. All aircraft told to land immediately. Rough landing and the pilot has crashed. He has died. Who is responsible for the pilot’s death? He could have lived if the protagonist didn’t ruined his flight plan. Those minutes counted. He had to turn the plane around on the tarmac in Canada to get enough thrust for take off. Those minutes counted and mattered. What is Gerald Butler’s reaction: “The pilot died but I saw another plane landing one mile from here.” And the pilot made miracles to save the passengers. Outside every man for himself, if you are outside and open that door you are most likely inviting chaos to your house.

Now see inside of the bases. When the kid was reunited with his mom at the camp, she was helped. Someone took her tent by tent looking for her kid. And she was offered supplies to survive. And safe transport. The bases are trained to save whoever crosses the gate. Tier 1 and Tier 2. If someone knows there is an ELE coming, people needs years to prepare. Normies - if you tell them an ELE (Extinction Level Event) is happening, they complain and six months later nothing happens. Meanwhile military/black projects/government/wizards etc. sleep 4 hours a day and continue preparing.

Are you understanding why all roads lead to Argentina now? Why all the gold was mysteriously moved in the middle of the night? I did not plan on showing you the gold being moved from Buenos Aires into the mountains of Patagonia. But let’s look at the facts. Go on a map. Point to New Zealand. Then Argentina. Do you understand now since the start of the year why I said all roads lead to Argentina? Meanwhile the other channels are wasting time on riot videos and arguing about the elections. All the elites are in New Zealand and Argentina. Let’s look at other evidence. The fact that they pulled the gold being moved in Argentina alone tells you they have an ark/dumb there. That the gold video has been scrubbed from the internet also is an indicator. Use your time wisely. The fact that 489 military complained about Trump and sided with Biden, and out of the 489, only one Air Force general in his 70s signed a list supporting Biden, is another indicator. Only one general. The remaining ten are civilians. Eye opener. Only 2.25% of the total list are USAF. Twelve trucks filled with gold bullion removed from Buenos Aires, accompanied with police and firefighters in tactical gear. Another copy has been found of the gold being removed out of Buenos Aires. Record it on your screen before it’s discovered and deleted. Wonder how much gold that is. I don’t know Spanish, but subscribed to his channel anyway. Perhaps there will be more from him as time goes on.

There is no point to waste time discussing with civvies. The world is fighting for resources, a full blast economic war. Citizens are sheltering at their homes, little chance to look up to the sky. Rise of NEO’s (Near Earth Orbit). NASA admitting they are monitoring the AMA (Atlantic Magnetic Anomaly). Cycle 25 and GSM (Grand Solar Minimum). Rise of plane crashes. Rise of unmarked planes. The ones that pay attention might have a chance; the ones that don’t are simply a burden.

I can see why this film has been banned / indefinitely shelved for US release. Ok, let’s analyze why it was banned. Imagine this movie premiering before pandemic worldwide. Everyone would have depleted resources by now after pandemic hit and asteroids were shown. That is the reason why it was censored. Govs had enough on their plates to deal with the panic caused by the movie. This was not a Made for Stream movie. This was meant to be the 2020 Memorial Day blockbuster film. It’s good training of what to do and not to do. And another thing. The safest place is the complete opposite. Now you understand why all the roads lead to Argentina. People, after watching this movie, will flock to Greenland, leaving the Southern Hemisphere alone.

Thank you - this has made me realize with this hardball, Greenland, even though you have prepped us, there is a few more things I need to get In order ASAP. Appreciate all you are showing us.

Their lack of preparedness was very frustrating to watch.

Did you notice the Greenland pilot was a civilian (no soldiers on board) but had full access to the Greenland base and they were expecting the passengers that even sent a truck? Go back to the scene and analyze the passengers and survivors. The family got selected by his skills. They were in suburbia, nice house, stay at home wife, with means but living life day by day without a worry in their minds even though all of them knew about the comet. It was taught to kids at school and neighbors were having a watch party. The alert the neighbors saw was after the initial blast that rocked the house.

Friends I was watching along with noticed there were no pets in the planes nor at the bases. Sad, but yes, overlooked. Do you leave the pet indoors if called upon? Or take them with you?

Interesting that the conditions of the Greenland crash match what we saw in that cautionary video about not flying over the Tibetan Plateau because, if you experience emergency conditions, there is nowhere to safely land due to the terrain.

Let’s go back to the plane crash in Greenland in Canada on their way to Greenland. The people in the plane look like the ones at JPL and Space X. Scientists. See how none of them panicked? Not even at the crash or loaded to the trucks but all of them dashed the moment the trucks arrived to base. They knew what was up: a Greenland version of Janet flights into Area 51. Also notice the airstrip was hidden. The protagonists had a hard time finding it in the middle of nowhere but when they were in the air you can count another 5 vehicles arriving late. Now you understand the pilot desperation to be in the air. He knew more people were coming and there was no more space. Imagine all the Gerald Butlers running around crashing planes once it happens. "According to expert testimony in the United States Congress in 2013, NASA would require at least five years of preparation before a mission to intercept an asteroid could be launched.” The movie is good because shows human nature. The protagonist wasn’t a bad guy but he caused havoc without hesitation. Now imagine millions like him.

Recap of evidence that supports a meteor/asteroid. The writing is on the wall.

  1. Greenland movie suppressed

  2. FEMA drills

  3. Anomaly in earth’s magnetic field

  4. Space race intensifies

  5. 120 observatories shut down

  6. CEOs jumping ship

  7. ~500 military trying to make friends

  8. Moving gold to Argentina

  9. Stockpiling resources in DUMBs (deep underground military bases)

  10. China telling the public to get bug out bags