🚨 Greece is Doomed🚨

:rotating_light:Greece is Doomed​:rotating_light:
The Greek Church decided that they will continue to perform the Holy communion with one spoon for hundreds of people.
Most of them old people…

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Holy heaven’s!!!

CNN Begins calling Coronavirus Outbreak a Pandemic:

Starting today, CNN has decided to begin using the term pandemic to describe the current coronavirus outbreak. It is not a decision taken lightly. While we know it sounds alarming, it should not cause panic.

So why now? The World Health Organization hasn’t called the coronavirus outbreak a pandemic. Nor has the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. This is unacceptable, foolish and downright dangerous.

Many epidemiologists and public health experts argue the world is already experiencing a pandemic because of the novel coronavirus. There are now over 100,000 cases and over 3,000 deaths attributed to this new virus. In one day last week, the number of new cases outside of China, where the virus originated, was nearly 9 times higher than the number of new cases in China. This virus has found a foothold on every continent except for Antarctica. In several countries, the number of cases continues to climb.

:israel: Israel: Foreigners are barred from entering Israel due to coronavirus unless they can provide proof of ability to quarantine.

:iraq: Iraq to ban all gatherings, calling on citizens to avoid visiting sacred cities and sites.

Iraq announces 6 new cases of whole one already died.

Passengers rush for last trains leaving Milan after Italy announced that people in the Lombardy region in northern Italy will be restricted in their travel through April 3 over the novel coronavirus.

Invite others/ save lives / literally

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Why is he laughing?

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What is actually happening here? The translation doesnt make sense

My city had its first case. RIP me

So those live webcams of the hospital etc in Wuhan seem to have been blacked out on most of them now? Or is there something wrong with my internet?

here is another post and better in english

Ps who all is from italy in here and whats that like n what exactly does it mean for humans there? Xo

Our lives are fundamentally deprived of freedom of movement. We cannot leave our homes if not for grocery shopping once a week one member of the family or for proven work commitments. The elderly have been asked to not move from the house. Cities are desert and only supermarkets and a couple of shops remain open. I’m a partner in a software business and I also work in the renewable energy business but both offices (34 and 42 people respectively) are closed from two weeks. People are very anxious and scared. This is another major problem because morale is fundamental to look forward and act sanely but people are at a complete loss, and are getting depressed. The images from hospitals have sunk in and the population has finally realised that this disease is really dreadful because of the number of severe pulmonary insufficiencies which require intensive care and intubation with ventilation in order to have a hope to survive.

Many very young patients, especially male, born from 1970 to 1990 are being brought in and are in critical condition.

oh god

shit’s gonna get real