Greater seattle area

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Greater seattle area

Just Count the Cold-Records that Fell over the Past 24hrs

200 000 people homeless after severe floods hit Far North, Cameroon :cloud_with_rain:Source

Deadly flash floods paralyze north Algeria, more than 800 homes inundated :cloud_with_rain:Source

500 000 forced to evacuate as massive wildfires rage through Oregon, U.S. :fire:Source

Denver just experienced the earliest freeze on record :snowflake:Source

Take notice

Boeing 777 Turkish cargo plane was not allowed to land at Beirut International Airport this afternoon.

The aircraft went from Amman (Jordan) to Antalya through Israeli airspace…

What does this mean

Turks and Russians have been very quick to reel in fishing rods from Jordan. And Lebanon clearly understands what’s the matter here.

Anything they had in Jordan/near Jordan, they’re pulling out of Jordan. And Lebanon is like GTFO- you’re not landing here.

Which I could honestly see regardless - Lebanon should be super cautious right now. They have no idea who is in cahoots with whom and they’re still on fire.

I’ve seen similiar departures from Iraq, right before and/or after some big explosions

Agreed. Taking their toys.

fuck you guys I’m taking my toys and going home

Meanwhile in Florida



MSM is run by Clowns

Video has surfaced showing dozens of clearly dressed #AntifaBLMDomesticTerrorists #AntifaTerrorists with AR’s setting fires in rural #Oregon.

Italy - School: about 13 thousand teachers positive for covid after the first tests

Nothing about it in US News yet

A lot of people starved in the Great Depression. Even more will starve here over the upcoming winter. Already around the world starvation is growing

Farming Rises, Sports Tumbles in U.S. Industry Ratings

Omg. I’m getting scared.

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Awwwwww little bobcat do a kill :smiling_imp: