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Great info ! Thank you for sharing

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Released San Antonio patient tests positive for coronavirus, CDC says
The person had been allowed to leave quarantine Saturday but now has a positive test for coronavirus and has returned to isolation.

Staff (KENS 5)
7:25 PM CST March 1, 2020
8:19 PM CST March 1, 2020
SAN ANTONIO — The CDC reports that an individual was released from quarantine at a San Antonio healthcare facility on Saturday, had contact with others, and returned to isolation after a pending lab test came back positive for coronavirus.
The patient was being treated in isolation after returning to the United States on a State Department chartered flight from Wuhan, China.

According to the CDC, the patient met their requirements for release: they were asymptomatic, and consecutive sets of tests taken more than 24 hours apart came back negative.
After the patient’s release Saturday, test results from a subsequent sample came back weakly positive. The CDC says they decided to bring the individual back into isolation out of an abundance of caution.

The CDC says the discharged patient had some contact with others while out of isolation, and CDC and local public health agencies are following up to trace possible exposures and notify them of their potential risk.
San Antonio Metro Health said it will support the CDC’s effort to determine any individuals who may have come in contact with the patient. Metro Health has been investigating the person’s activities during the time outside of quarantine to determine who may have been exposed. Metro Health will share that information when it is completed.

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