"Grain And Oilseed Prices Soar During The Harvest Season"

“Grain And Oilseed Prices Soar During The Harvest Season”


⤺ reposted by @0x1h0pkG from considering Shera situation, I spotted this in Alexandria page from yesterday.

Stocks: Caterpillar for instance from March to October was up by 40%. Look at Deer: valuation of stock also up 40% last year. Look into Archer Daniel Midland. Up 50 YOY. ADM is the type of company to be able to come out with a crop that is resistant to COVID19.


Artemis Accords: why many countries are refusing to sign Moon exploration agreement

(Because we are already on the moon since the 50s)

Quick inexpensive tip: I agreed with my neighbors to buy whistles, in case of emergency we can know someone’s in trouble and assist each other. Also useful in case of earthquakes if you happen to be trapped under rubbish

Another influx of migration out of the big cities.

Chicago Mayor considering tax hikes to plug $1.2B budget hole: report