@GordonGChang Yes. Beware. This is a takeover of America by china. They are readying with troops in Canada. Imperia…

⤺ reposted by @mseanjonesm from all the blue flights within the blue corridors are still inbound to London currently from everywhere volume is 3 times normal

Damn. Just read through all Gordon’s posts.

this does not inc blocked flights which come and go, and are then removed from logs
or the fight tracking site “goes down” due to evil hackers …lol

Yeah. His feed has been popping off for sure. Also, all the NYPost accounts. And people are getting banned and shadowbanned left and right.

Makes sense, i figure there is a large political component as well. But running out of food does trump butthurt feeling.

It’s a time game now. Man…one of the greatest principles of combat. Timing

Who is Gordon?


Thank you!