Google stops responding directly to data requests from Hong Kong government

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Interesting how they were the last though. Edit: not true. They all (fb and Twitter too) suspended earlier in June, stated at end of article. Seems like this is the confirmation…?

See this scenario,

World experiences a ELE. (Extinction Level Event)

What value has Adenochrome on it?


The world above is destroyed, You could be a walking encyclopedia on the subject but who is more valuable someone good in solar panels or a walking encyclopedia?

In such a world it will be cut throat.
Our job is to use every single minute to prepare to survive.

It depends of the ELE. If electronics don’t work its back to dark ages. And that is troublesome you see how Anti-meritocracy and Anti-Science the mob is.

Say we have an ELE before November, I doubt 10% of Doom/Azazel is ready to survive.

Like seriously :unamused:

Many of you still depend of the gov resources to keep your way of life (Water/Electric/Law & Order / Stable supply chains)

Many of you are playing prepping

But there are few, the silent members that are preparing.

We never hear from them openly in the groups

Greenland has been completely pulled from screening.

Greenland (film)

But it was showed outside of America.

At one point the trailers were all deleted from YouTube

First upload in March

It’s just not a realm of possibility white world Remotely gives cause to occur, an ELE. And this is a Telegram channel, not in person relationships and direct contact, so also the big leaps must be inferred from the information presented.

But then pulled and reuploaded in June

“Greenland was first released in Belgium, making $73,112 from 55 theaters on its opening weekend. On its first day of release in France, the film made $255,000 with 31,000 tickets sold, 61% ahead of Butler’s Olympus Has Fallen (2013) despite fewer theaters and tight COVID-19 restrictions. Overall, it debuted to $1.09 million in the country, with a 10-day international total of $1.3 million. In its third weekend of international release, the film finished first in nine countries and made a total of $2.82 million. By August 30 the film had a running total of $10.2 million.”

See the dates.

“It was originally scheduled to be theatrically released on June 12, 2020, but was delayed to July 30, 2020, and then August 14, 2020, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Its domestic release was again delayed on July 24, moving to September 25, 2020. The film’s release schedule includes Belgium (July 29), France (August 5), and Scandinavia (August 12). On September 14, it was announced the film’s American release has been delayed again, this time to an unspecified date later in 2020.”

This movie trailer was removed shortly after research showed that the atlas comet might be disintegrating. The movie depicts a comet breaking into parts and destroying humanity as we know it. Coincidence? Or something more?

Now the Atlas has already passed,

In 2020 we’ve had too many Asteroids flyby.

Tell me a year that you recall in your life with so many asteroid encounters???

Fucking Never!

Add to the mix NASA admitting something is wrong with the Atlantic Magnetic Anomaly,

Put a cherry on top with all countries joining the space race desperately.

Connect the dots, use your time wisely, focus in new skills and been in shape.

And stretch daily!!!

Here is an scenario.

-Civil unrest gets out of control
-Military bases get attacked
-Some brass get trigger happy
-WWIII at our doorstep

Complete panic!!!

This is just plain scary​:ok_hand::upside_down_face::grin:

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Definitely need a bug out plan/stand your ground plan, and when each is appropriate.

Pay attention to what the list really fucking means

It’s finally in the open the divide and conquered mentioned months ago among brass and rank

-This is why retired generals are circle jerking.
-They know they dont qualify.
-They are a burden

A 75 yrs old general on his wheelchair and oxygen with multiple health follow ups can’t join a project.

What the fuck would he do?

Are you getting the picture?

I hear you on old generation not being into tech as you said, but you are implying the. That Trump is supportive of tech/space…?

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Meteor seems like it’s on the table.

  • You’ve got observatories quietly being shutdown
  • Dispersing people from high pop areas with fires/dews/
  • #sun is banned :no_entry_sign: on a global forum aka twitter.
  • Magnetic field serves as a shield for this sort of thing and it’s got some holes
    Plus the other stuff you listed


Meteor seems like it’s on the table.

  • You’ve got observatories quietly being shutdown
  • Dispersing people from high pop areas with fires/dews/
  • #sun is banned :no_entry_sign: on a global forum aka twitter.
  • Magnetic field serves as a shield for this sort of thing and it’s got some holes
    Plus the other stuff you listed

Why focus on riot porn, and Rabbit Holes :hole: with all that you’ve just learned today.

On the lighter side

seems conspiracy theorists were right, can’t trust them birds :bird:

How to break bad habits in 3 steps, according to science

Social-media platforms are destroying evidence of war crimes

[BRKVW 20926]

So, does Doomsday Preppers have some sort for DefCon Level or Fire Danger sign to indicate the collective mood of this group of the chance of … hmm, what shall we call this?


I go by the amount of caps aries uses :slight_smile: all caps is shtf defcon

Ugh this was exactly my thought regarding the fires, since everyone keeps saying the west coast would be underwater in an event of this kind.

It’s never an overnight thing, the collapse always happens slower than you think. 2 things that are most important than a warning signal

  1. Having more information to improve your chances of Survival

  2. The ability to recognize pattens from Actionable Intelligence and act upon it.

Read between the lines


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Yes :slight_smile:

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Bro… you really think this is going to happen in a months time? I mean… 4th of July, Labor day… missing nukes… asteroid. Its always something. Ive prepped to a certain level but i also want to have a life and I got really tired of being alone in my bunker. My family was exposed to covid from a home care nurse. Luckly she had a mask and none of them got it . Yea its real and shit is hitting the fan but life is also still going on

By gramma is 91 and the nurse left early bc she found her roommate was positive and the nurse tested positive next day. Lucky she had a mask and everyone OK. But still im 35, single and extroverted and trying to still have a life. I couldn’t just stay in the woods anymore