good news. I know and respect Topol.

Pretty quite so far


I know they had one case where I was living in Lagos. With the current state of their health care system, I can only imagine how bad it could be if it spreads there.

Feel free to add them or anyone you’d like Kyle Kepper I keep telling everyone to add the furthest friend they have

Neighbors are find too

Yeah I’ll share the link with a few people in Lagos who I know are following

But the strength of this Hivemind will be in us covering the globe

I agree



The only guy that wore it in WuHan is the T-Rex

Then other influencers stared copying the meme

Lol :joy: Pandemic Humor

Cute haha

Watch answer 1:47:21

Famous ruby ridge was my 2nd cousin

folks went to work in Shanhai today

Still low number

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I saw this t-rex in porn once

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We all need to laugh. It’s good for our immune systems :wink:

That was a very well asked question. Much respect for that lady who managed to ask such straight forward question without being aggressive or offensive.

And did you listen to the answer? :see_no_evil: