good news. I know and respect Topol.

good news. I know and respect Topol.

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Invite him in


In times of coronavirus spitting became a weapon.

March 2, 2020
CDC mistakenly released a patient from the San Antonio Texas Center for Infection Disease Sunday.


Evergreen Health in Kirkland


I just blew the shit out of FL

CDC and Florida Dept Health covering up

Now truth is out 2 cases maybe 8

Maybe higher

Yep… they lied to me on phone, so I tweeted out everyone… 2 hours later they spilled the goods

Good on you!!!

In Tampa area glad I loaded up on supplies over the weekend

Good job

fuck china for this

I was going along with life just fine

sarasota and hillborough , do you know more?

Good, any word from Africa or from your business partners over there?

Remain calm and start preparing

Amazon Costco and this group consider as Allies

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These maps are total nonsense

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Pretty quite so far