Go go go go been saying it since March

Go go go go been saying it since March

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Actually I think since February.

Catastrophe Risk and Response by Richard A. Posner.pdf

The movie is good because shows human nature. The protagonist wasn’t a bad guy but he caused havoc without hesitation.

Now imagine millions like him.


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Greenland Feedback

Ignored Presidential Alert, business as usual
Leave store with no supplies
Not confirming spot of sheltering selection immediately. These positions might be first come basis
Been chatty about been selected
No Bug Out Bag
Not having an escape route
Failed to check nothing left behind in vehicle
No alternative communication devices
No extra chargers
Been forward about preexisting conditions
Slowing down escape
Volunteering classified info to strangers
Avoid concealing selection bracelets
No defense tools
No splitting from group under any circumstance
Wearing the wrong clothes, invest in materials that keep you warm during cold and refreshed during heat

These are an example, encourage adding more to the list.

Specially the small things that only the really observant ones will notice

Specially the small things that only the really observant ones will notice.

Like no roll out bags, Get a backpack.

If you need to run your roll out bag will slow you down.

And at any point you will decide to abandon it with everything on it.


From EDC/Bug Out list:
-Long Johns
-Real nourishing rations/food
-solar panel carry charging pack
-rechargeable batteries
-hot water bladder

I find a few lists overlook these items and giving it thought realize how important they are.

Long johns- most people get Cold fucking quick. And, when you get cold usually just one night in a car gets you sick, demoralized. Long johns and base layers are light weight and keep heat on the body in the body. I can’t recommend them enough.

  • food. Most people get low energy, moody, irrational and lose their cool just 8-12 without. Imagine being fucking Cold, lost, disoriented, in chaos, etc and hungry. Shitty. Think about food that’s satisfying For You. Remember you’re #1 priority. I pack dried olives, instant broth, German bread, and chocolate. These are all things compatible with my palate and I know I can rely on. EMergency bag is 3 days, so bring real food! Store the grains and whatever canned stuff.

-the solar chargers and rechargeable batteries are here. You can find online. Best case scenario, electronic works but most people don’t think of outlets access in public spaces, the hassle, etc. travel with rechargeable also gives you Trust in multiple days /nights of flashlight use, also if goes out usually screwed.

-hot water bladder Is the fucking WIN of the century. SO undervalued. It’s a cheap light rubber bladder you fill with steaming hot water and will keep its energy for many hours. Some are taught to use a fire rock to keep heat at the navel in extreme situations. I literally now people who sleep with a bladder every night! Especially if in a car or god knows where, hot water usually can come by. Don’t go to sleep and wake up cold and sniffley! Get a bladder. Get two. Especially elders and ppl with poor circulation or sleep solo. (Sleep with partner /friends in most situations is advised because of this.

My 5 in Review. :muscle:t6::mag_right::dart:.

Oh, and water!!! Bring fucking gallons. Literally, you can drink half a gallon if you know you’re going to be on the move without access, and share with others. Nothing worse than chronic dehydration to throw subtle glandular,metabolic functions off. There’s 100 crucial functions water plays in the body. Way better to pee three times. Plus MINERALS/electrolytes. I like straight lemon or lime juice in small bottle. Good tablets and tinctures as well.

Base layers base layers base layers


They can always come off but you can’t fucking do without especially past 40F or so

Ps, can find at Goodwill or Salvation etc

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Fucking DEJA VU

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Get a backpack with a waist strap.