Go back to your room its just the flu.

Geh zurück in dein Zimmer, es ist nur die Grippe.

Go back to your room its just the flu.

(Coronavirus arrives in Hannover, Germany)

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Just now seeing this one. What’s the purpose of rifles in the hospital?!

To keep the infected from leaving

It’s not a mob boss or any of that nonsense

Leaked to the German press

If you are one of 1000 + cases in the 32 States the FBI will not let you leave Quarantine

#川普 #習近平 美國總統特朗普23日說,新冠病毒在美國得到了很好的控制。他還讚揚中國國家主席習近平在疫情控制上“做的很好”。

川普 # Xi Jinping US President Trump said on the 23rd that the new crown virus has been well controlled in the United States. He also praised Chinese President Xi Jinping for “doing a good job” in controlling the outbreak.