Ghislaine Maxwell vs Elon Musk (they are not friends he was photo bombed)

Ghislaine Maxwell vs Elon Musk (they are not friends he was photo bombed)

Maxwell (Red Wizadry, Black Hat)


Musk (Blue Wizadry, White Hat)

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I havr heard some say most of Elons ideas/tech were given to him. How true is this

Correct, it’s all scraps

You’ve never seen the real world

All the technology you see

Is 50 to 250 years behind

Depending on the level of technology and compartmentalization

99.99% of the population live in 2020

While the real world

The 00.01%

Is between the year 2400 to 2700 AD

Depending on which technology they’ve been exposed too

It’s a lie, they know it. I know it and so does the Military Industrial Complex. Jeff and Elon are competing for the tech transfer. Technology Transfer have the potential to change/elevate humanity and our place among the stars in the White World. These charades between Space X and Blue Origin is for Majestic-12 to decide who is worthy of the tech transfer. We’ve been to the Stars and have bases on Mars and all over the solar system. Elon and Jeff know this and are playing theater :performing_arts:

Does not matter skin color. But it is time to remember to defend your family and homefront. The divide amd war is intensifying between us the people who just the pawns. Be on the look out. Stay safe folks!

3 black men go on crime spree in Chicago suburbs targeting white families, breaking into homes in the middle of the night and shoot a Father trying to defend his daughter from being raped by the savages

Loved the wizards the past few days. Also so excited for getting a young one in the family interested in tech realm for young minds for the mext generation! Made way on surival skills and preps for disasters. Next making our own home made bullet proof vest and looking into cost for ham radio.

Harmonics technology for healing and slowing aging?

any australians here?

Floating cities?

Personalized anti gravity machines

All been done

Everything’s been done

People dying needlessly of cancer and sorts…such a shame people have such med tech and have kept it under lock and key.


Anyone knows something about the current situaton in australia?


I never said that the stake holders of these technologies are ethical

Look beyond politics. Basically CNN trying to distract people from the trutj that came out from CDC. Twitter calling for fake news (which was pre agreed to control anything that counter acted the covid narrative) and I am sure other social media is also trying to smoosh the truth coming out about covid. I do still believe even though covid is mainly risky to those at risk and those elderly and with a few conditions there does exist a deadlier strand. Waiting and ready if they release that later as a back up. Also interesting timing with Fauci getting vocal surgery. Perfect timing to avoid speaking…

Rioters, looters could lose unemployment benefits under new bill

Always read between the lines

Which movie covers this technology



The medical pods exist

And at that level of wealth

They consider Earth to be a trailer park

They got a lot right in that movie