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Harry Chen PhD:

“Hammer it up boys, nothing gets in or out!”

-Red Cross

Harry Chen PhD:

Guangzhou, during the epidemic, a kind family,
Every day, he delivered food to the dogs across the street. He doesn’t know when the family will return

#中共國 一女子拔刀刺向紅袖章!這是要多麼絕望,多走投無路,才會逼一個母親當著孩子的面行凶殺人啊!

中共 国 A woman pulls a sword and stabs at the red armband! How desperate this is, and more desperation will force a mother to murder in front of her child!

Quarantine Dog Walk​:flushed::pleading_face:

Aries have you purchased your portable oxygen concentrator yet?

Yes but with the wrong mask :mask:

Instead it came with a cpap mask

Also, see my post up there about the German hospital?

Found the logo from the scrubs

do you know where that is in germany?

Let me scroll up

Wow :flushed:

It’s in Germany :de:

@Ayrie007 look

Jimmy good eye :eye:

Look at the logo on the scrubs

Coronavirus has officially arrived in Hannover


Also… what could go wrong here?

Cross infection

At this point

Really??? You are putting your medical staff in floating Petri dishes?

I’m treating the first generation of the WuHan medical staff

As the same as first firefighters arriving on the scene during Chernobyl

They are being sacrificed

For the so called greater good

Meanwhile in Vancouver some Chinese CCP kids are doing doughnuts in there Lambos

Makes sense

Wtaf? Well they just got COVID in BC because that lady who flew back from Tehran with it

the image is from surveillance, by a criminal clan member who had been shot. there are big problems with clan members in Germany.

602 cases in south korea already

Aries it’s in the Van province of Turkey which shares a border with Iran

back to the tweet yesterday with the girls from iran. it is the corona virus. damned. I only watched the video once and still I have the girls in front of my eyes all the time😣

Link what to buy ?