#germany #police #activist

#germany #police #activist
German police had enough of your bullshit

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Oh damn! :scream:

Sunday 18.pdf

Is it still day 9 the turning point for covid cases? Ie when pneumonia sets in etc ?

I’m not noticing a shortage on much of anything any more in my area other than cleaning supplies…

Full on Evil dead. " I’ve had it up to HERE with your bullshit!"

It was slow over here. Flavors of things/selection, then ramen,

Then canned meats

No shortage in uk but we are being told in media that we are gonna get it after Brexit

‘Classified knots’: Researchers create optical framed knots to encode information

The flavors that don’t sell as well are being shelved in favor of the ones that do, especially if it’s in an aluminum can.

My lack of shortage could possibly be due to being at a major shipping hub for the US

Coke zero was short for a bit. Then diet dr. Pepper. I know soda is trash, but it stops me from moiderrr!

Ohhh yes that might be it. Will.also help when trucks cant get through to other areas and states like we saw here in the U.S with the first round. Especially in areas with civil unrest. New York City was a biggie.

My local Walmart has an additional 12 shipping containers on the side

I think that has changed because protocols have changed. There are a lot more variables now. My sister was 4 days, but they slammed her with all sorts of vitamins, zpak and hydroxychloriquin. It never went full pneumonia because she made herself move around when the flu part hit.

So much renovation.

I asked staff. No renovation ongoing or planned

Oh :confused: I’ve tested pos but they tell you not even to ring dr unless struggling , just use otc medicines. Keeping moving helps?

Symptoms are really mild I just keep waiting for it to turn bad

lol :slight_smile:

Her and her husband got it. The flu typically comes first. That makes you tired and want to lay down. Seemingly thats how the pneumonia kicks in. Sitting up and moving around helped her alot. She also took zinc, quercetin, and copious amounts of vitamin c.