Full Movie! I shrunk it down

Full Movie! I shrunk it down

⤺ reposted by @CoinAgnostic from Members of the party torture a poor dog they think/justified being infected.

It’s obvious this is aibrone.


I met Oz once we went to same school


I pitched him ha

He probably recalls

How about “corona times … the news not fit to print”

Hmm :thinking:


@hilarycarter @bradleyrotter any thoughts?

I think when we are done edits this should go on bitchute after thinking it over

Dana B ? Ashley Kolonder @RRosenblum

I can build a streaming server but it won’t scale well

What about Youtube?

It will likely get canned maybe even whole google account killed

Ok true

Can try i got a old gmail acct i could sacrifice

@Ovrclockd what name would appeal to the 4chan crowd? That could also appeal to the normies

Jeremy ?

So far Corona Times and Corona Unmasked are in the lead

@chazing Media Silence

Is not a bad one

Corona uncensored


Can you sleep these 2 images in

I thnk we should avoid editorializing but first one maybe at beginning?