Fuck your couch, by another one you Rich Motherfuka

Fuck your couch, by another one you Rich Motherfuka

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Love the Labrador feeling “peer pressure” to participate in unlawful behavior :laughing::heart_eyes:

It’s like you can hear him say

“bro stop!! We are going to get in trouble”

Yeah :joy::sweat_smile:

From hearing a cop: Marine on suicide watch barricaded in his home and threatening to kill himself and others. I was in earshot of a cop quietly describing what was happening. Fleet between Montford and Patterson Park is barricaded

@SidoryP I saw the video you posted earlier chilling

Baltimore of course


I can’t get a location confirmation however, there’s talk of Mars bases and the running out the dark ones. I have reports also on the craft seen in the video. They were seen in Hot Springs Arkansas.


This is similar

What is this ???

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Huskies always start the shit, speaking from personal experience.

Blue wizards are cute

Only reasonable choice