Fuck where's this from???

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Fuck where’s this from???

We are debating it’s authenticity

I def need a list of inauthentics

The Hong Kong, one got slipped in

i kno that one yes

The supermarket one

the stabbing?

that’s not in movie

And the Stomach Cancer

Guy on the bus

need time markers for one’s not authentic

“clip at 29:03 is from HK, not china, and the guy isn’t dead”

like that

But we have to take into consideration

need a background guy to resarch

That when shocking video gets leaked

Their trolls

Try to disavow it’s authenticity

The 2 little girls placed in a 1 body bag

They’re authentic. Until proven otherwise.

They CCP trolls claimed it was Carbon Monoxide

While the anti CCP said no bullshit it was real,

Staff was all wearing mask :mask:

And gloves

I saw this video weeks back and it was captioned as advanced liver cancer. It’s not Coronavirus.

Maybe give them a copy of CORONA_unmasked

Or maybe better not

Just stay home

In Quarantine

Agreed, slipped into the channel