# 信息 【Front Line Interview】 Mr. Liu, Beijing: The epidemic in Beijing is fierce, and new infections are added every day.

:joy::joy::see_no_evil: Sounds like someone I know :rofl:

I don’t take the John Hopkins number seriously

:red_circle::mask:نان و #کرونا

:small_blue_diamond:برای جلوگیری از شیوع کرونا از طریق نان و نانوایی‌ها چه مواردی را باید رعایت کنیم؟/ جام‌جم آنلاین

Annan and # Corona

چهWhat should we do to prevent the spread of Corona through bread and bakeries?

:red_circle: ضدعفونی کردن عابربانک های شهر سبزوار
من امشب در 3 ساعت تونستم یکنفره 90 درصد عابربانک های شهر را ضدعفونی کنم

:red_circle: Disinfection of Sabzevar’s waterways
Tonight I was able to disinfect 90% of the city’s lanes in 3 hours tonight.

Russian propaganda: 2019-nCoV kill less people than other inflections

:red_circle:هر آنچه در این روزها برای مواجهه با ویروس کرونا به کار می آید
لطفا به سفر نروید و در خانه بمانید …
آنچهEverything these days is used to deal with the Corona virus
Please don’t travel and stay home …

Agreed, they are at risk of revolution

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the cases increase daily.
in some regions, kindergartens and schools are closed for a few days. People go shopping like crazy.
A truckload of gloves, mouth protection and disinfectant was stolen from the Berlin hospital. it was for children with cancer😔
i live in Bremen, here are 4 confirmed cases (but Bremen does not really test.) Doctors are already overwhelmed with the normal flu.
A corona virus information center opens in Bremen on Monday. The hospital in Bremen where the cases are treated, is 15 minutes away from my home. Most Germans are very relaxed about the situation and do not see the danger😶

After a revolution

Horrible :frowning:

Impossible too, was just trying to link something from the mapping section

看到新闻联播报道后,韩国回来的弟兄,回到四川立刻隔离,双层们 双层玻璃 通通锁死,比监狱有过之不及,高昂自费隔离,当下共匪手段。:pig_nose::pig_nose:

После просмотра репортажа братья, вернувшиеся из Южной Кореи, вернулись в Сычуань и были сразу же разлучены: двойные слои были двойными, что было хуже, чем в тюрьмах. :pig_nose::pig_nose:

After seeing the news report, the brothers who came back from South Korea returned to Sichuan and were immediately separated. The double-layers were double-locked, which was worse than prisons. :pig_nose::pig_nose:


I have done large-scale medical equipment in China. The Chinese cannot create a CT, an MRI, an angiography machine, an EEG, and medical imaging equipment in the Chinese medical equipment market is monopolized by Toshiba Philips GE, China. People can’t even produce a qualified operating table, and all consumables for cardiovascular intervention rely on imports. Without advanced medical equipment in developed countries, China’s medical care will always remain at the level of scrutiny.
What are you afraid of? Shuanghuanglian still ranks first in sales!

:frowning: is it fake??? :arrow_down::arrow_down::arrow_down:


This photo has caused a sensation, but I think it’s a swing.
1, photography is very professional, how can there be such a coincidence, just two people raised their fingers at the same time sunset, captured by the photographer or a third party. This probability is too small.
2. Since the street is empty, why the photographer is still on the street?
3. Which doctor has seen walking on the street pushing the hospital bed? Pushing is also a nursing staff push, not to mention the patient should be in an ambulance.
Posing, bad reviews.
This is an imitation of an old man who wanted to go to the sea to watch the sea before dying. The ambulance drove directly to the sea to lift the old man out of the car with a stretcher. The old man’s last wish was facing the sea.

@drunkenwhiskers @maliezhuyi ? Propaganda?

:ru: 莫斯科正在准备!

Москва готовится!
Или это уже назревшая необходимость?
Всего за сутки был организован колл-центр в Российской столице по предотвращению распостранения коронавирусной инфекции .

Moscow is getting ready!
Or is it already an urgent need?
In just a day, a call center was organized in the Russian capital to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection.

Not so sure, propaganda can also be a real event

Crosses fingers

Need more evidence to prove, but it is sure a propaganda

Anyway, WHO English site has deleted the sentences about herbs

Children such children all of them

I believe it’s propaganda. The commies sent 300 red journalists to hubei province to counter the real journalists’ reporting. Those red photographers usually fake their shots. Same goes for the red journalists who fake their stories. They are the laughing stock of the whole country. One story they wrote says a two month old baby started talking and asked for his father who went to fight the virus.

Red photographers make all kinds of bullshit photos to push their commie agenda. Posed shot, photoshop, you name it. Once you sell your soul and signed on to spread lies, you can go lower everyday.