From where to where?

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From where to where?

Shopping today…

Antique gun shop with plenty of new and used stuff

Looks like the Standard Manufacturing showroom

From Oz too

Update Summary:

  • Cases outside China go exponential
  • Japan cases triple in a week to 121
  • South Korea cases surge 8-fold in 4 days to 433; country reports third death
  • Italy confirms 79 cases, declares “national emergency”; Nothern Italy locked down.
  • Iran reports 10 new cases, deaths climb to 6
  • San Diego says 200 under ‘medical observation’
  • Chinese scientists find virus in urine
  • Experts propose 27 day quarantine, say 14 days likely not long enough
  • Outbreak reported in South Korean psychiatric ward
  • WHO team visits Wuhan; will give Monday press conference
  • Young woman infected five relatives without ever showing symptoms

Nine South Korean tourists who recently toured Israel and the occupied West Bank tested positive for coronavirus Saturday. Israeli and Palestinian authorities are urging anyone who may have come in contact with them to report and self-isolate.

Keep it coming Jimmy

Wow footage from inside WuHan hospital


See how horrible Wuhan Hospital is! Do you dare to return to work? Do ordinary people live this horror :scream:


South Korea has confirmed 123 more cases today. :nauseated_face:




May God bless!

My Xi’an citizen, Yang Hai, strongly urges: Under the tremendous pressure of the Shaanxi Provincial Government’s current demands for resumption of work, the spirit of high responsibility for the life, health, and safety of 30 million compatriots in the Three Qin Dynasty must be withstood all pressures to prevent and control the epidemic For the most important task of the recent work, continue to close the city and close the road and close the community, and not open any large supermarket library museums and other places where crowds may gather.

Life and death are at stake! Responsible for keeping the soil! (Is this a righteous one?) :point_up:


Huangshi, Hubei. The prohibition on going out drove the old people back. “My hand is about to break.” It should be broken. "

:alarm_clock: Saturday, February 22, 2020 3:51 PM
Secondary disaster
:alarm_clock: Saturday, February 22, 2020 3:51 PM

Modest $250USD remington 870 shotgun. Been available since 1950s,

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Can I bunker down with you

Are you prohibited from gun ownership?

Have none though

Live in nyc

Thinking of leaving tom

Rent a house out in a deserted town

Shotgun is usually the easiest to own in restricted places. The photo I sent was a hunting configuration. But for $30 I got a used barrel I cut down to 19 inches (still legal), which is for defense

Or pick up a Dp12

16 round capacity

For the avg person i will always argue that the rifle is the most effective in all situations. Indoors, outdoors.

223/556 will penetrate the least out of shotguns/handguns

W Endiko I disagree. There is a vast range of ammo types for shotgun. I agree 5.56 will not exit house walls easily, but neither would #4 shot or smaller.

The ball will penetrate the rifle round will yaw and quickly lose velocity