Friend says his contact in Wuhan still has internet

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Friend says his contact in Wuhan still has internet

199 Chinese Yuan equals
28.57 United States Dollar

If that’s the case good

Seems like it

Big relief tbh

Food prices keep rising

The comparison to tuberculosis is obviously isn’t equal. Because tuberculosis doesn’t make you drop dead :woman_shrugging:t4:

But I was trying to get a feel of how many millions of people could die from this… :thinking:

Tuberculosis is 2 million per year

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And TB is only one-third of the population. The Post is saying coronavirus will do 2/3 the population.

If by Saturday it’s 500,000 dead

This is deadlier

中国老百姓真够逆来顺受的,就这么听任“土匪”以防疫的名义深夜入宅打砸,还庆幸没被抓走。The Chinese people were really rebellious enough, so they let the “bandits” smash into the house late at night in the name of epidemic prevention, and they were fortunate not to be arrested.

I know if I can easily think of this. I know the CDC and WHO know the magnitude of the death toll numbers too. They just don’t want to say it.

mahjong must be addictive, I kinda don’t feel bad that these tables are destroyed anymore

My grandma used to play all the time, gambling is in our blood. I also am a degenerate gambler

Aries , do we know whats happening in Macau? Is the city under lockdown

I posted the video of some of the casino deaths

Thank you!

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