Fourth floor parking lot converted into a ward for Hazrat Baqiyatallah Hospital in Iran!!!

:red_circle:پارکینگ طبقه چهارم بيمارستان حضرت بقية الله سپاه را تبدیل به بخش بیماران کردند!!!

عمق بحران

Fourth floor parking lot converted into a ward for Hazrat Baqiyatallah Hospital in Iran!!!

Depth of crisis

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nice find! interesting.

в Японии игральный автомат

in Japan, a slot machine


Anyone woke up kinda down about all this, in nyc so many things are changing

Why don’t we talk more about the convid19 recovered patients. Too much panic and chaos in here


OK, go ahead

But at the same time we need the new information to see how the other countries are handling the crisis

The information that we get here, we can share with our people, in our countries, so we will be prepared

This information I take it out of here and I share it with doctors

A lot of the US healthcare system doctors have no idea what’s coming

Just the Flu 1918 edition

here’s some positive news:

Lol, we know the real numbers so lol expect chaos

Christ is the room being diluted by Sheep/Normies?

Who believe the actual numbers

let’s remember we are light years ahead in technology, dna sequencing, etc than 100 years ago, and there are new unconventional techniques at work by some some of brightest minds in world. humans are not defenseless on this and i think there may be some surprises. china already supposedly is testing vaccine. and kaleta showing some promise. there’s hope defeatism gets no one anywhere

we need nanobots

the technique in nypost article is brilliant. and theoretically should work. now if nyc would just close the schools… we might get ahead of this

Not me !

Don’t roast me please. I wholeheartedly thank this community for all the advise posted in January and February. I was able to prepare and acquired enough to brave the crisis. Lately is a burdensome to scroll the messages. Too many normies or trolls wasting the members valuable time. I understand the need to educate and save as many as possible but at this point everyone knows something is not right, just with supply being disrupted. Instead of justifying all the resources accumulated on this channel and engaging in long discussions with every new person that joins in, we should be concentrating in phase 2 and reporting clues of imminent lockdowns, virus mutations, containment and survival. There is no playbook for what we are about to face, truly uncharted territory, virtually 100 years have passed since humanity experienced something similar and in those times society didn’t travel as fast and often as we do now. If new members need justification about current events or engage in normies discussions, they do not deserve to be in this channel. Many people gave me the side eye when I shared with them what I learned here, instead of being discouraged I decided to don’t waste my time and built provisions. The markets are empty and it feels good to be safe. Please insta ban and concentrate your time on the next phase. Again, just my opinion but think about it, do you want to waste your time with people about to receive the Darwin Award or save the ones that listened? Lets work to keep the latter safe. :heart:

TLDR version: focus on new info only, lockdown clues, virus mutations, containment and survival

If you have Phase 2 information. Please bring it for all to share.

I think we can organize a simple Q&A for them. But frankly if anyone still think this is a hoax they are probably well how do you put it, not the “sharpest knife in the drawer”