Four coronavirus patients being transported to Spokane's Sacred Heart for treatment - KXLY

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I wanted to welcome Katy she is a highly decorated first responder in California saving lives daily welcome to the group :sparkling_heart::raised_hands::innocent: Katy

Welcome Katy please learn the truth and share with your coworkers

Coronavirus outbreak is 52 TIMES worse in one Chinese province than officials admit, report claims | Daily Mail Online


漁護署說有新型冠狀病毒確診者家中狗隻,對病毒測試呈弱陽性反應。 漁護署在星期三接獲衞生署轉介,派人到該名確診者在大坑的住所,接走有關狗隻,送往港珠澳大橋口岸動物居留所,從口腔,鼻腔及肛門抽取樣本,進行新型冠狀病毒測試,其中口腔及鼻腔樣本,在測試中呈弱陽性反應,該狗隻並無任何相關病徵。 漁護署說現時未有數據證明,寵物會受感染而發病或播毒,署方會密切監察相關狗隻,進一步抽取樣本化驗,確定該狗隻是感染病毒,抑或口鼻從環境中沾染病毒。署方會繼續為有關狗隻進行反覆測試,待測試結果呈陰性後,才會把狗隻交還。署方強烈建議確診者的哺乳類動物寵物接受檢疫,以確保公眾及動物的健康。

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Dogs at home with confirmed new coronavirus show weak positive reaction

AFCD said dogs in the homes of people diagnosed with the new coronavirus showed a weak positive test for the virus. AFCD received a referral from the Department of Health on Wednesday, sending someone to the confirmed person’s residence in Tai Hang, picking up the dogs, and taking them to the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge Port Animal Residency. Samples were taken from the mouth, nose and anus A new coronavirus test was performed, in which oral and nasal samples showed a weak positive response in the test, and the dog did not have any associated symptoms. The AFCD stated that there is no data to prove that pets will become infected or become infected with the virus. The Department will closely monitor the relevant dogs and take further samples for testing to determine whether the dog is infected with the virus or the nose and mouth are infected with the virus. The Department will continue to conduct repeated tests on the dogs, and will return the dogs only after the test results are negative. The Department strongly recommends that mammals and pets of diagnosed persons undergo quarantine to ensure public and animal health.

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Can someone help me find an article. I’m pretty sure it was posted in here but can’t find it. It’s the latest one on why children are getting over the virus quickly and easily. Thanks.

COVID-19 and Kids: Jury Still Out on Scope of Infection
Mild illness, family clusters seen in small study, but many questions remain

Little is known about how the COVID-19 coronavirus affects young children, and a small Chinese study provided few answers.

A research letter published in JAMA by Zhi-Jiang Zhang, MD, PhD, of Wuhan University, and colleagues examined nine infants with COVID-19, and found two commonalities in all cases: the illness seemed to be mild, and family clustering occurred for all infants, meaning all were from a household with at least one infected family member.

“This shows that infants are getting infected, but at least in this [study], all had mild illness. Some had no symptoms,” said Waleed Javaid, MD, director of Infection Prevention and Control at Mount Sinai Downtown in New York City.


Speaking of children my 5 year old has the sniffles today. No quarantine for a 5 year old away from their mommy so this should be fun. :pray: it’s the usual please. We have autoimmune issues in our house :house_with_garden: also all of three of us have something if not multiple.


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#中共國 来抓疑似密切接触的爸爸,要不是儿子拿起一块砖自卫,差点一起抓走‼️

中共 国 Come to catch the father who is suspected to be in close contact. If it wasn’t for the son who picked up a brick to defend himself, he would have taken it together ️

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This just made it out of Turkey, remember Twitter and Instagram and all social media is down

Aries So, in Kenya the people say they are bringing in Chinese by the hundreds From Hubei to get back to work.

The Kenyans in Nairobi are leaving their apartments and evacuating.


Yesterday on 26th Feb. 2020, a plane full of 239 passengers from China were was allowed to touch down at JKIA. The whole lot of 239 Chinese were cleared and allowed into the country.

The Kenyan government ordered all the 239 Chinese to self quarantine themselves to prevent the spread of the deadly Coronavirus. A message sent to Tycoonews kenya by a person who asked for his identity to be concealed read that:

“I live in Athi river Sidai village estate.we unfortunately have several houses here occupied by Chinese residents who have been a way for quite sometime.Today evening,several people have seen a crowd of chinese people with masks…and some without walking around the estate…many of them…we suspect they are part of the group that arrived from china through chinese airline today.

The residents here are in panic and we have no idea what to do,we have kids and can easily be a big blow to all of us. If this people are supposedly to be on “self quarantine” why are they outside walking around an estate with over 100 houses??This is putting everyone in danger.Can the government or ministry of health do something???”

Kenyans are now afraid that, Coronavirus might start spreading if the government does not take any action.

Yes use search you’ll see we reported on the few Chinese that were smuggled into Kenya weeks ago, seems that number has risen dramatically

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One thing we can notice more and more is that the police force are well protected with their PPE gears, yet the hospitals are still begging everywhere for them.

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