found this:

found this:

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Watch it. They guy recording gets kicked out of the town hall (stream goes down/paywall?) And gets it back a few minutes later

Still missing a few minutes - most complete stream thanks to Ra and twitch streamer Altdefault


Spotify reportedly fighting with employees about hosting episodes of Joe Rogan

Woman dies during a ransomware attack on a German hospital


There’s a kid in my neighborhood playing outside. Alone. In a mask.

TikTok to be banned from US app stores from Sunday

POTUS has good reasons on why they must go

Considering it’s already Chinese spyware, transferring it to an American corporate entity just makes it spyware in someone else’s hands. I was wondering why no one was mentioning that. Seemed pretty obvious to me.

Beyond spyware I could see it listening to any radio waves (device sold as compromised, hacked, or leaking electronic noise) and transmitting data back to c&c. Would be a good way to get around airgapped systems.

Normalization will not happen.

ABAB :blue_heart::mage:t2:

We will cover Sicarios one day, the firefight in the Narco tunnels being very symbolic on the Real World. Not the 9 to 5 bullshit normies call reality.

Alexa and Google Voice already do this. Your Samsung TV does this. Reaquainting deeply with the info from Vault 7 shows the bredth and depth of this, how pervasive and integrated it already is. But it certainly does not mean we need more of it, and any opportunity to attempt to scale back on that would be more of a benefit than a threat.

That was America’s/Americans first glimpse on Subterranean Warfare.

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I was just saying this

Have you noticed that in Nirvana’s “Heart Shaped Box", a man appears in a hospital bed, with a fetus in the IV bag?

:zap::ru::us: Unknown person broke through the fence into the territory of the US Embassy in Moscow by car
The police began checking the incident. The driver who rammed through the gate was drunk
#USA #Russia #Embassy

:zap::ru::us: Неизвестный на автомобиле прорвался на территорию посольства США в Москве
Полиция начала проверку инцидента. Протаранивший ворота водитель был пьян
#сша #россия #посольство

Nuts :peanuts:

Bet everything you can on LAL.

They won’t let one of theirs lose.

Part of the “deal” is they are given everything in terms of materiality.

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