Former KGB Agent, Yuri Bezmenov, Warns America About Socialist Subversion

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He was right all along

#國際 美司法部宣佈對中國網絡入侵活動的起訴書,5人侵入全球100多家公司,2名馬來西亞人也參與其中



#国际美 Justice Department announced an indictment against China’s cyber intrusion activities, 5 people invaded more than 100 companies around the world, 2 Malaysians also participated

Vice Minister of Justice Rosen said: Ideally, we should be grateful for the cooperation of the Chinese government, but the CCP has chosen not to cooperate. Why? Because these criminals work for the CCP

ps: Has the RICO bill on the CCP started?

#國際 路透社報導
#国际Reuters reports
The United States will sell water mines, cruise missiles and drones at one go
Wait for the Seven Weapon System to be given to Taiwan!

  1. Javelin anti-tank missile (additional purchase)
  2. Towed anti-tank missile (additional purchase)
  3. HIMARS rocket system
    Four. M-109A6 self-propelled gun
    Wu. Lu Shot Harpoon
    Six. MQ-9 drone
    Seven. Smart Mine

#資訊 美國國務院9月16日聲明宣佈,負責經濟增長、能源和環境事務的副國務卿Keith Krach將於本週六出訪台灣,參加台灣前總統李登輝的告別儀式。美國表彰李登輝總統持續強化美台關係的努力,以及其貫穿於共同政治及經濟價值的民主精神活力。克拉奇此次訪台,將創下1979年以來美國國務院現任訪台官員最高層級。

#资讯 The US State Department announced on September 16 that the Deputy Secretary of State for Economic Growth, Energy and Environmental Affairs Keith Krach will visit Taiwan this Saturday to attend the farewell ceremony of former Taiwan President Lee Teng-hui. The United States commends President Lee Teng-hui’s continuous efforts to strengthen US-Taiwan relations and the vitality of his democratic spirit that runs through common political and economic values. Krach’s visit to Taiwan will set the highest level of current visits to Taiwan by the US State Department since 1979.

This is huge :arrow_up:

America is basically saying


Fuck the One China Policy

was an expat living in Taipei 30 years ago

Scary to see things come true.

Where is the Turk

Is he awake

How do you feel about that?

Remember us in real time covering and translating the Mage, Brazil UFO crash. In which the kids encountered the Space Force.

Look who is finally covering it.

Since the crash we have lost 15 fighter jets.

US Air Force adds electronic warfare to new intel, cyber office

Congrats on the Air Force expanding the Old Crows capabilities

Caw Caw Caw :zap:

US Army wants to upgrade some aging radios

Seems like Army Crows need an upgrade

U.S. Satellites Detected Iranian Missile Attack - SBIRS Details

Coincidence? Thousands of Twitter accounts have come up with the same message: “Anti-vaccine rhetoric is dangerous and unscientific. Vaccination hesitation and refusal of public health treatment, and any attack on lawmakers and others is unacceptable.”

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This is so sloppy reminds me of the Call/tweets for Riots to Rodeo Drive and Mall of America (what’s in the basement :face_with_hand_over_mouth::shushing_face::thinking:)

Astronomers discover a 2-km asteroid orbiting closer to the sun than Venus

SpaceX wants to test its Starlink satellite internet network with boats it uses to land rockets

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From NASA to Amtrak, These Are All the Government Agencies with Tactical Teams

Scientists Say a Mind-Bending Rhythm in the Brain Can Act Like Ketamine


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Sounds like Ketamine to me

Seriously. Someone brought up a great point - you’d think they’d have just said “whatever you do PLEASE don’t loot the mall.”

Not “pssstttt… loot the mall.”

It’s cute :crazy_face:

Meanwhile in Russia

Hogwarts lasted 1 minute in Russia

Meanwhile in Mexico

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#MissionPatch. NKAWTG… NOBODY

This patch comes from an unidentified air refueling squadron charged with supporting black aircraft projects. The object in the character’s hand is a fuel boom from a tanker aircraft such as a KC-135 or a KC-10. The letters NKAWTG at the bottom of the image refer to the unofficial motto of the Air Force’s tanker units: “No One Kicks Ass Without Tanker Gas.”

Radar gets a little better and range extends to 195km

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