Former Disney VP convicted of sexually abusing girl

Here it is.

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Ths was a year ago. My notes on this were specifically, “Why is no one reporting on this?”

Very Cool!! where was it mint of the coin?

He was 73! :face_vomiting:

Interesting they graduated one week early.

Trainings on Sundays usually done during Wartime

go to your browser. type in

and watch what happens.

Wizard: Group of elite OSS, OPS, SPEOP working under the USAP in matters of science and technology including but not limited to physicists, statisticians, strategists, mathematicians, computer scientists, chemists, oceanographers, geologists, atmospheric scientists, materials scientists, aeronautical engineers, electrical engineers, physiologists, biologists and biochemists.

Parents please share.

The world that is to come starts with you. Once the veil is lifted…

For Kid Wizards - Coding resourses for kids:

Repository per skill, good even for adults:

Genius Kids:

Per level:


Is there a livestream for the Kenosha County Wisconsin “protest”?

Awesome class tonight. Well wizard class

…pifft. That was totally not what i expected. I needed that

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I usually would know and be archiving it. I just…i need a night off from watching this shit

I hear you! I haven’t watched it in a long time. It does get old.

…it makes me feel sick

I just feel like the history will be lost

It makes me so angry that the NG etc let them get away with it. Where are the firehoses? Stop them’

That’s a start

I think that happened because I read earlier that 600 cars from Minneapolis were enroute

But that’s unsubstantiated. At worst it means less fires at gas stations I hope

Incident command on the scanner seems a bit slow & disorganized

Hopefully they’re kicking ass

Derren Brown did an episode on his show The Experiment about mob mentality.

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