For the first time, the European Union has its own uniformed service – the European Border and Coast Guard standing…

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Blue Coveralls lol what a big surprise

What is the significance of this?

Non Terrestrial Officers all wear Blue Coveralls

Also on the floor “underwater bases”

Everyone wears Blue Coveralls

We hint it to the public

See if some of you pick up on it

Public Space Force off to a shitty start

Look at these clown uniforms

Everyone in Legacy Space Force wears blue coveralls, this has been shown many times in Sci-Fi films emulating the Black World and Blue Faction. Example given :arrow_down:


The Midnight Sky, all crew members on the Aether are in Blue Coveralls

In Aliens, Ellen Ripley as the Science Officer is in Blue Overalls

Notice that Ripley is the only one in Blue Overalls (representative that she’s the Wizard :mage:‍♂)

In Leviathan which is representing the underwater bases of the Black World, the teams all wear Blue Overalls and Mission Patches.

Also watch this scene, this is the mentality’s of most who are Off-World/On The Ice (Antarctica) or on the floor (underwater base) this is how you will think if you make it through the green door

Remember the 4 factions inside the Black World of Technology that control the world

Blue Wizadry : Space and Water
Gold Wizadry : Spirit, Dimensions
Green Wizadry : Surface, Subsurface

Red Wizadry: Fuck Red

See above

Truth is hidden in plain sight

For decades

Earning your Blue Coveralls is a badge of honor

I see. Thank you

Why do they put it into TV/Media?

To condition people?

Like the rick and morty clip


Some retire and go into entertainment

Some of it is used for recruitment for the next generation

Remember they only want the best

They are not interested in normies

Or the Wokes lol

it’s very Pro Meritocracy