For anyone that wants to know

For anyone that wants to know
What a “canard airplane”

Now going to study :open_book:
As to why they are in la all day today

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I think they are get the hell out of dodge planes

If you think about it @hiddeninthegarden

As if in a moments notice you needed to leave DTLA due to an asteroid strike in the Pacific

And a title wave :ocean: was coming

You won’t be fleeing in a G5 or G6

Or the last 737 out of LA

You need a craft with minimum runway for take off

You need ideally NOT to be in a city, but if you do need to be in a City have a helipad and readily available helicopters or a new uber taxi

What is the minimum runway for a Canard

Yes but let’s say you are an initiated tech elite

Trying to gtfo

Wouldn’t you choose a Canard

Depends how fast , I’d prob use a helicopter has more range on full tank

3500-4000ft / 1066-1220m

Plus require zero runway
I can collapse a mini one into a garage and take off within mins

Regardless to whatever option your using , you have to have an EMP protected housing for it!

You have to have a drop spot ready in advance

That’s if your in a city , which for at least till August 2021 I would avoid at all costs

Keep digging

I’m still mystified why they are in LA today

Dig far enough I won’t have to leave , I could be fully insulated underground!

Humor sorry :neutral_face:

I’ll keep digging

I’ve found 3 tests today from 7am
Very odd , more and more odd
Flights in the sky as we approach
The “October Surprise “ !

See if anything is on twitter

They sent it to me for a reason

I’ll check

I’m checking movie productions also could be a shoot of some kind
Or testing air taxi service route
Or mapping
The pattern does suggest overlapping mapping

A tool that increased my typing speed

The Birbs Alway Know :bird::penguin::baby_chick::hatched_chick::duck::eagle::owl:

Birds respond to a half-century soundscape reversion during the COVID19 shutdown

Post NBA game air traffic?

9 hours ago

I’m looking at different planes now
Janet took off at exact time the canard was in air , same time exactly to planes (blocked took off from dc to nyc)
Same-time 1 earthquake in ferry Alaska
Everything seems unrelated on the surface
This is why you have to Dig
Then the patterns you think meant nothing actually do have meaning !!!

How many Janet’s do we have?

How many canards we’re flying?

Can’t be that hard for them to spoof a callsign

Or I’m thinking they might be mechanical since a lot of them were manufactured in 70’s - 80-s. Maybe emp stuff

Janet in total around 60
But in air at any given time 10-12

Today 3 total