Food Warfare: More States to Test/Close Farms - Wildfires & Weather Warfare

⤺ reposted by @0xsyPRD from Does the CIA not care about competition in such a lucrative market? 😂

Ice Age Farmer has done an amazing job to follow the coming food shortages.

Yea he has a good intel network too

What is going on Alaska!!! @Insider20

yes. I have been following him a long time now.

Also respect for the New York Times exposing them Russian Shadow Army.

Red is on the march, nearly entirely unimpeded!

Incredible ramp-up in the number of protestors attacking people

A new type of holy war forming!

Beware those who believe themselves to be morally justified in all possible actions, as long as those actions are in pursuit of their cause — their behavior has no bounds.

Those are the worst

I lived for a year in a Texan town and it gave me the impression that white/black and every possible skin tone was equally racist against each other
I was not a white prerogative nor a generalized attitude of course. And in general terms, I think the “system” was pretty efficient when acting upon any type of racial bias… so is this a combination of unresolved anger issues and an induced social unrest?

Don’t get me wrong… same thing is happening here in Mexico between brown and browner and it also feels artificial, induced

… And useless


Here’s the yellow book for those who want it

Merced County Foster Farms plant shut down amid uncontrolled COVID-19 outbreak, 8 deaths |


CNN are such pieces of shit

Last night Rand Paul attacked by the mob

Thanks for the historical recap :pray:t3:
It’s difficult to talk people into thinking beyond their emotionality

Air Force captain found guilty of assaulting three women at Arizona nightclub

I’ll explain soon
This is not a random chain of events

:exclamation:It’s getting very hot in the Arctic! In all senses
On the part of Putin, this is a tactic of intimidation, on the part of NATO going a symmetrical response

  1. One of the U.S. Navy’s most powerful attack submarines paid a visit to a Norwegian port.
  2. A day later, six U.S. Air Force B-52 bombers flew from the United States to the United Kingdom.

Is it 2000 Kursk incident all over

That thing they found under the sea?

Then covered up

Our guys are up there with Dazzler rifles

No, they’ve been cornered and they’re about to fight
Like rats who go to great lengths when cornered

About Kremlin


Ah ok

Not Kursk ok

Are they bullying HD2’s there?