👁 "Five Eyes" demand access to encrypted apps

:eye: “Five Eyes” demand access to encrypted apps

Government representatives from America, Canada, Great Britain, Australia and New Zealand are committed to protecting privacy. End-to-end encryption should not, however, prevent cyber crime from being effectively combated.

The states of the secret service network “Five Eyes” have appealed to the tech industry to give them access to the content of encrypted apps for law enforcement purposes. Although privacy on the Internet must be protected, this should not mean that the security authorities as well as the technology companies themselves “cannot take action against the most serious illegal online content and activities”, government representatives of the five states said in a joint meeting on Sunday Statement.

The end-to-end encryption in apps such as Facebook Messenger, Signal, Telegram and WhatsApp represents a “significant challenge for public safety,” says the communiqué . The government officials appealed to companies in criminal prosecution cases to make the relevant content available to the authorities in a “readable and usable format”.

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