First case in New Delhi... 21,5 million people city

First case in New Delhi… 21,5 million people city

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Oh here we go

I believe there are a lot more there . Look at the number of people in the country

I feel u - ofc some cases medicines is good choice but nowadays they tell u take pills almost every problems / situation of your life… Just take pill and things going to be well.

Ever heard of the placebo affect

I have an aunt with multiple sclerosis.
She got the swine flu when it was on it’s rampage and it was the worst flu in the later stage of her life.
Therefore she’s going to a cottage in the woods that she has been prepping for at least a few weeks survival with possible refill after those weeks.

I dont even eat burana or any pills. Only herbs etc.

Yes, I’m sure too. But i always report only “official numbers”.
I know that every country have a lot of untested cases and hide cases.
Anyway, is a great problem the number of people in a real big city like Delhi and we can see how the virus spread in this terms

D3 is always a good idea unless you’re over the 150 mark.
Min is around 50-100

Took us 6 weeks before they started testing so it’s probably all over the place

I told her and she’s one of the few that actually believes me

Lol dem niggas calling Coronavirus as swine flu

What can I tell you.
We live in Norway and the worst crisis we’ve been through supply-wise has been the cream shortage, the pork rib shortage and a Norwegian brand spice shortage because the machine needed to package this spice collapsed. :man_shrugging:t3:
It’s ridiculous.
Tho… When these shortages was people bought it all in a matter of hours.
We’re not there yet.
Probably in a day or three.
So far Asian people are cancelling their travels. Norwegians are a bit slow because we’re effing spoiled.

I’m sorry, but it’s true. Norwegians complain this corona shit is boring. Give us some real news.
I don’t understand how they can not see that the stock market is crashing, the goods from China that has about 28% of the world production in the world has stopped, Italy and lots and lots of countries are banning events and more will impact us.
Yes we have a bit of fish and lots of oil.
I wonder how we’re supposed to eat oil and survive.

Ofc I understand the “Don’t panic!” note.
Still. There’s going to be consequences. Why not take that into account?

Two days ago
, a Norwegian newspaper assured that only a miniscule amount of people could die from the corona virus.
I understand why they say that. They don’t want people to panic.
The right way to go about it would in my mind being ohhh… maybe telling the truth that people can anyways look up on the internet.
for instance has an inconclusive, but still informative number on what has been released

Does anyone have any insight on why the stock exchanges are going up today?
Has the governments around the world as expected started to pump in money to mitigate the damage?

Futures look okay

I assume something will be done

Yeah, there has been indicated from amongst other the Japanese government will buy property and in other markets they signal interest cuts.
This is highly interesting to look at in these days.