First American Dies of Coronavirus, Raising Questions About U.S. Response

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America is a melting pot for all races. Being “American” in no way indicates anything about race.


Just spit it out

Was he

Or was he not Asian

Why can’t they be honest

Instead pulling this virtue signaling crap

That’s at least 750 corpses burned due to virus in wuhan city a day

If you subtract 135/4.5 deaths due to other causes

Then the other provinces

The other cities

Right I was looking at NEJM heat map

Hold on

Last week source said 400k on Friday

411k Saturday then they went dark

Then yesterday someone leaked saying it was 250k x 2

Anyone know of any New Hampshire specific groups?

Not really

But you are more than welcome to join us Bruce

Wuhan only accounts for 5.9% of reported confirmed cases

Good :arrow_up::arrow_up::arrow_up: it’s working

Those counts have got to be a complete fabrication

Seems like it’s probably far far higher

Any published are fake

12,500 dead a day worldwide

That would make sense


Wuhan is 5.9 percent of cases

Read up, DH said the Chinese were seeking more body bags

7 crematoriums burning 135 corpses a day

1/4.5 of those are other kinds of deaths

Henan, hubei, anhui, hunan, jiangxi is fked

105 deaths per crematorium * 7 = 735