Finding Solace Amongst the Chaos

If you’re anything like the average person dealing with these turbulent times, you can be left feeling adrift with anxiety and uncertainty. It is without a doubt our amygdala have been hijacked with info dumps of the latest on COVID’s freighting statistics.

With depression and anxiety already being a leader of the pre COVID world it is a good time to question how one should pursue their life after such traumatic events and loss have occurred. Many today are not only dealing with the loss of self and identity from their regular lives they were so routinely enjoying or coping with, but now the concern of loved ones staying safe. Such misinformation regarding those to wear a mask only if symptomatic vs wearing a mask all the time (which we highly suggest in public) can leave confusion in the minds of those whom need to rewrite their habitual lives to stay well. It is with perseverance and unwavering preparation that we shall see the light at the end of this chaotic tunnel together. Provided here are some herbal remedies that have been suggested and used by many through out centuries to adhere to changing times and help us adapt to new and unfortunate norms. (I adhere to the law of free choice and acknowledge I am not a medical professional. Personal research is always suggested before taking any medication wether it be herbal or prescribed)

Valerian Root


St.Johns Wart

Kava Kava

Vitamin B complex with B6 and B12 -

“There is increasing consensus that nutrient status is an important modifiable factor in many neurological and psychiatric conditions. This present review provides evidence that B group vitamin supplementation (either alone or with a multivitamin) may also benefit mood in healthy and at-risk individuals.”

Vitamin C



These are just a handful of tested and true remedies. Many can be purchased from local health food stores or a trusted online apothecary in the form of teas, tinctures or capsules. I advise caution if pregnant and the duration of consumption.

Adhering to a calm state of mind is no easy task, but coming into a state of accepted neutrality is powerful.

Going forward, I’d like to invite you to sit with the idea of a positive future. Visualize yourself in the best outcome for yourself and others you care deeply for. Having a solid compassion practice can bear beneficial results,

May our futures be filled with new opportunity’s to grow stronger and build a stability of wellness for all humanity.

Thank you for your work! also, i’d note that if Valeriana makes you too sleepy then you should try Passiflora syrup. It’s milder, doesn’t have an unpleasant taste, and helps to restore normal sleeping pattern.

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Thank you for the links and such beautiful encouraging words! Let’s find that inner light we have! Together! :heart:

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Amazing! Thanks so much. I’ll have to get some for sure.