Famous painting "The Roman City Invaded by the Plague"

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Famous painting “The Roman City Invaded by the Plague”
On the streets of the corpse, an angel directed the plague to poke the door with a spear. The ghosts who spread the plague virus were actually instructed by angels? This is difficult for many people to understand. Angels should help suffering people? How can you blame with the ghost? To understand this problem, it is necessary to understand the deep social background of the great plague that eliminated one third of the population of Rome.

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Athens Plague
The “Plague of Athens” from 430 BC to 427 BC occurred during the Second Peloponnesian War.

When the epidemic first appeared, due to long-term prejudice, the Athenians insisted that the Spartan spies had poisoned the cistern.

Rather than seriously preventing and controlling the spread of the disease, a lot of manpower and material resources were wasted on military crusade, which caused the problem to be solved in the wrong direction. When the root cause was found, it was already powerless to return to the sky, and eventually caused this plague tragedy.

The Athens Plague plagued almost the whole of Athens in 3 years, destroying nearly half of the population. There was a deadly wound inside and outside the city, and everywhere he looked was a cruel hell.

The “Athens Plague” later painted by Mihir Schwitters vividly reproduced the scene of the disaster described by the ancient Greek historian Thucydides.

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Justinian Plague
In 541 AD, the plague began in Egypt, the territory of the Eastern Roman Empire, and then spread rapidly to Constantinople and other areas. The earliest people infected with the plague were homeless and poor people. At their worst, tens of thousands of people died a day.
However, such a severe plague was concealed by imperial officials in the early stages of the epidemic. The reason is simple: The Emperor Justinian was embarking on a happy drive in the Mediterranean, not to disturb the Holy Father.

It wasn’t until the situation had run out of control that the extremely scared officials had to report to Justinian, but it was too late. The number of deaths quickly exceeded 230,000, and the whole city was full of corpses, and the smell was stink.
The Justinian Plague was the first large-scale plague outbreak in the Mediterranean world, killing 40% of the residents of Constantinople, paralyzing their lives and severely disrupting social order. The plague continued to rag for half a century until a quarter of the Roman population was killed.

The famine and civil unrest caused by the plague completely shattered Justinian’s ambitions, caused a fatal blow to the Byzantine Empire, and eventually caused East Rome to collapse.

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Medieval black death
In the history of mankind against infectious diseases, there has never been a disease with a degree of terror that can be compared with the medieval European plague that occurred in the middle of the 14th century.
The plague-causing bacteria were carried by fleas in the fur of black rats, and began in Central Asia in the 14th century, commonly known as “black death.” Once it happened, it spread rapidly, from Russia to Western Europe and North Africa, causing 75 million deaths in the world.
The Renaissance Piedrak wrote in the letter: "I would rather never be born: no lightning in heaven, no fire in hell, no war or any visible killing, but death is pervasive. Has anyone seen anything so terrible? ? "
So how did this epidemic end? Black death is extremely lethal, leading to the extinction of a large number of susceptible people, and the number of new pathogens is declining. In addition to the isolation measures in place for the uninfected people, it is very important that they have strong self-resistance.

Therefore, when the Black Death killed all its hosts, it also ended itself. This epidemic, which turned the smell of medieval Europeans, gradually disappeared.

然而1630年初春,在米兰举办的一场狂欢节,彻底粉碎了所有医护人员之前的一切努力… 在海量民众的交叉感染下,瘟疫如同核弹般迅速引爆,继而彻底失控。

The Plague of Milan
There are so many corpses that even the corpses cannot be carried. Citizens have to pay a lot of money to the corpses to be able to barely give their loved ones a place.
When the epidemic first hit Milan, Milan quickly launched textbook-standard disease prevention measures at the beginning, including timely medical resources, strict quarantine, and restrictions on the entry and exit of soldiers and goods.
However, in the early spring of 1630, a carnival in Milan completely shattered all the efforts of all medical staff … Under the cross-infection of a large number of people, the plague exploded like a nuclear bomb, and then completely out of control.

Ano now its the plague of Wuhan




The Great Plague of London
The plague was identified as a large-scale black death caused by “lymphocytic plague.” The first area the plague struck was the St Giles Parish in London. By the spring of 1665, plagues had begun to spread throughout London due to a surge in population and deteriorating sanitary conditions.
Like countless similar histories, after the outbreak, King Charles II and his family took the lead in fleeing London to Oxfordshire, leaving a city old and sick, leaving it to death in a house nailed to a wooden board.

Due to the rapid spread of the plague, the houses of the sick had to be sealed to death, and the door was painted with a red cross. Feed food and water from the window for a limited time each day.

Thousands of patients died miserably in such awful conditions, and no more than 10,000 people died in a week at most. The bustling city of London turned into a silent dead city.
"All shops are closed, and pedestrians are barely visible on the street. The only job in the city that can break the silent work from time to time is to carry dead bodies. Every night, the sound of the wheels and the sad ringing of the gurgling car Gulong Kulong makes people Creepy. "

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This historic lesson is currently happening all over the world, keeping the borders open. Keeping the economy going, due to greed. No matter what century they always do this

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经统计,马赛的九万居民中超过半数丧生 —— 这就是商人们为短视付出的代价。这幅作品真实的还原了瘟疫期间,市政人员在港口附近清理积尸的悲哀情景。

Plague in Marseille, France
The “Marseille Plague” that erupted this time is a typical man-made disaster. The first outbreak occurred on a merchant ship bound for Marseille. A Turkish passenger was suddenly ill, and the attending doctor and several crew members died immediately.
When the “dead ship” full of viruses arrived in Marseille, the port authorities originally ordered it to be isolated, but the wealthy merchants in Marseille refused to do so because a large number of imported goods were backlogged on the ship, affecting its economic interests.

So the stupid rich businessman put pressure on the port authorities to force the cancellation of the merchant ship’s isolation measures. After the merchant ship entered, Pandora’s box was completely opened.
A few days later, plagues spread across a large area of ​​the city, hospitals were quickly full, and the city was full of eschatology. They ruthlessly drove the patients to the street, leaving thousands of bodies to pile up into mountains around them.
According to statistics, more than half of the 90,000 residents in Marseille have lost their lives-this is the price paid by businessmen for myopia. This work truly restores the sorrowful scene of municipal officials cleaning up corpses near the port during the plague.
The government stipulates that any communication between Marseille citizens and people in other places will result in the death penalty. In order to strengthen the isolation, a 2m high and 70cm thick plague separation wall was also established. There was a guard behind the wall to completely isolate it from the world and finally quickly control the epidemic.