Fall in new cases raises hope in virus outbreak in China

⤺ reposted by @perrichase from Chinese nurse from a WuHan Hospital gives daughter air hug 🥺😢 武汉医院的中国护士给女儿吹气🥺😢

What nonsense is this???

Cabin Fever :face_with_thermometer:

#中共國 2月11日下午,黑龙江省哈尔滨市道外区淮河路新天地超市楼上,一个女子,从楼上往下扔东西,邻居急忙联系家属并报警!# 中共 国 In the afternoon of February 11, a woman upstairs from Xintiandi Supermarket, Huaihe Road, Daowai District, Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province, a neighbor throwing things downstairs, the neighbor hurriedly contacted the family and called the police!

:alarm_clock: Monday, February 10, 2020 11:21 PM
Everywhere this stupid method restricts freedom of life, isn’t there a better way? In a fire, this door can open in a few minutes? I dare not think about it! It ’s all like that, no one has resisted!
:alarm_clock: Monday, February 10, 2020 11:21 PM

Also forgot ti share home depot in all the Brooklyn stores and i think across the whole city

Only eye wear left

Stock up on N95

If looking local hardwear stores still have a few masks , is funny to hear all the reasons the employees think there is a mask shortage or there thoughts on the virus

Got some already

Not funny remember they are still asleep :sleeping:

Of corse i should have said fascinating bc a lot think its man made

They won’t think it’s funny when they can’t buy anything

I can’t wait till i get to the capital here in Myanmar and stack up on masks

Cant find any in these small cities around here

I would’ve been sleep too. If it wasn’t for you… :pray:

I was busy, deeply into my career. I don’t watch TV. The time I would of realized the magnitude of this virus, it would of been too late.

Your wasting your times on masks if you are not wearing goggles


南京醫院的醫生徐輝,由於在中國冠狀病毒的流行而連續18次輪班,於2月7日去世,享年51歲。 江蘇省委書記稱讚徐,並稱她為其他醫生的榜樣。

值得您獻出生命,以便以後負責隱藏冠狀病毒信息的官員可以利用您進行宣傳,但我們很難回答。Xu Hui, a doctor at Nanjing Hospital, died on February 7 at the age of 51 due to 18 consecutive shifts due to the coronavirus epidemic in China. The secretary of the Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee praised Xu and called her an example for other doctors.

It is worth your life so that the officials responsible for hiding the coronavirus information can use you for publicity.

#中共國 孩子的惊叫声:妈妈,里面还有好多尸体,妈妈!妈妈,里面好多尸体!那个车里面,车里面!# 中共 国 The child’s exclamation: Mom, there are many dead bodies inside, Mom! Mom, there are so many corpses inside! Inside that car, inside the car!


Will Americans turn on neighbors and family like this

#中共國 湯陰小北街發生命案
一家三口被殺,發生命案是因為這個男子懷疑自己得了冠狀病毒,他姑從武漢來的,他懷疑他姑傳染,就砍了他姑和他姑父還有一個鄰居。# 中共 国 Tangyin Xiaobei Street launches life case
A family of three was killed and the case was made because the man suspected that he had the coronavirus. His aunt came from Wuhan. He suspected that his aunt was infected, so he cut off his aunt and his uncle and a neighbor.

Ooooohhhh :confounded:

#中共國 女子:“你算个男人吗?我的手都断了,你们放开好不好!?”#中共國 女子:“你算个男人吗?我的手都断了,你们放开好不好!?” # 中共 国 Woman: “Are you a man? My hands are broken, can you let go?”

I’m burned out

You’re doing great man :muscle:



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