Facebook profile is gone now

Facebook profile is gone now

⤺ reposted by @AriesAzazel from MissEm think it will jump in stock?


What was on that profile

Perri invite your friends in I don’t mind

That’s a link i posted on my group before Facebook took my page down, he’s a professor in Wuhan, his profile is gone now

He was posting updates on the lockdown

:open_mouth: Facebook allows censorship?

They unpublished my page not my groups yet, I can’t create pages until the 28th now

That’s fine, Telegram is run by Russians living in Dubai

Is this why we are using telegram?

You really think they would allow me to share these videos on Facebook

They are all under gag orders

I agree I was posting about CV and gun control

Facebook/Instagram/pintrest/Imgur/etc etc

To stop the mass panic which

Will soon hit

Americans did not care seeing the videos of Chinese suffering and preparing

Now that it’s in Italy

Tide is turning

YouTube has deleted 4 videos so far off my channel related to the virus saying they were inappropriate content and they will not allow me to monetize any of the others I make on the virus.

Like I said the Petrodollar is more important to them

Then the truth

So keep preparing

You are awakening

Yes the dominos are starting to fall, the who and cdc warned everyone to get ready for shutdowns, they only warn people last minute never before it’s a problem

I keep making videos. I’ve just gotten better about how I say things to get past the censors.


Don’t play into there games

That college professor was censoring what he posted as well but apparently the Chinese government didn’t like it

I promise you it’s going to get bad folks. They have planned for years to do quarantines.

All of our Coron-unMasked videos have been deleted

I post my good videos on other sites and say just enough on YouTube to direct people to the other ones I make.