Facebook is a social network monopoly that buys, copies or kills competitors, antitrust committee finds

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Ma Bell would be so proud. :rofl:

Unsure if it’s a sad attempt at a dab, or Fehu rune?


Ban this thing
People will start using their brains finally :pray:

You can tell who is Black and who is a White World Wokie

Pay attention to the term Underworld

Connect the dots

January, when pandemic started?

And pay attention to the last product Palmer Launched :rocket:

He’s been initiated

I no longer partake in that debauchery. Can’t stand what hung people with no brain.

It creates zombies :man_shrugging:

The Social Dilemma - movie on Netflix - was excellent.

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I got off social media in june. Jumped off that carnival ride. Way easier to focus on what is important.