F10 Disinfection and Biosecurity

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Thank you for this information, too bad it isn’t available in the Netherlands. Luckily i found another related product called F10scxd

I am a vet nurse, and I am familiar with the product as we use it to combat Parvo. It’s effective against Rabies. If ppl want heavy duty cleaner, think of veterinary products. That said, bleach at correct ratio is extremely effective.

I know about bleach, but i think this F10scxd stuff is better for household environments like used in a humidifier

The guy did collapse, he was wearing a mask, he was collected by emergency services. What is not known is if it was related to COVID19. I suspect probably not. But no one knows.

I don’t know the product you are going to use. But check if you can aerosolise it.

People who keep birds, and chickens, reptiles use this in Europe. They use it in multiple ways, ill check if it can be aerolized, thanks👍🏻

Guess who’s reporting is lagging badly….

I think the same…
and just for know… do the nurse or paramedics wear protection in ny? :thinking: beacouse in this case they didn’t… it is not safe :see_no_evil:

Where is this data coming from

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I did the check, you can aerolize it, the product can be added to an ultrasonic humidifier👍🏻

Thank you