Exclusive: Chinese Regime Deploys 1,600 Online Trolls to Suppress Information on Coronavirus

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JFYI Epoch Times is anti-CCP propaganda. Not saying they’re lying but that’s important context

Tks. I know nothing about them. I posted bc have seen peeps here talking about the censorship.

There are several videos showing people presumably spreading germs intentionally. Spitting on elevator buttons, etc.
What is the perceived motive? There have been enough that I don’t think we can dismiss as “crazy”

Do we believe they are infected and wish to take others along with them?


it would explain why Special Units are all over WuHan with Automatic Rifles

tracking them

WuHan has a fully functional SWAT team, and the men carrying the

are not SWAT

but part of Ministry of State Security

Some yes, do want to take others with them. While others are acting in unison as a BioTerrorist cell.

What’s the death toll now

What happened in Iran is probably happening all over the world right now

People not being confirmed yet and even died before they were

Enough to warrant the need for Mobile Crematoriums

40 of them

A bioterrorist cell? Wouldn’t it be considerably more efficient to use spray bottles or anything besides saliva?

On top of the crematoriums already running

That would depend on the instructions of their Handlers

Well they should build a mega crematorium in 10 days like that hospital

Why can I not find 5.8x42mm chinese ammunition for sale in the USA? I would like to inspect the cartridges and study the components.

Itar and its classified on their part im sure

Same reason we cant buy Russian rn

a few years back Russian surplus ammo was the cheapest thing

I had a 74 and it happened right when i got it lol

$100 mosin, spam can of 7.62x54r

Hello everyone…I’m so shocked to my soul seeing human beings suffer and die like this…I’m not in a country so close to China…etc…but honestly I’m shocked to the core…:frowning::pleading_face::exploding_head::exploding_head:

Hospital built in 10days…:thinking:I knew something fishy is gana be built…:thinking:

Americans are not allowed to own Chinese weapons

Canadians can own Chinese Norinco