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#中共国 :bangbang::bangbang::bangbang:诱拐隔离,强制隔离
#觀點 疫情防治办 有没有收这家酒店的回扣:interrobang::interrobang::warning::warning:如果你还想着出去复工,这就是你的下场……在家呆着,囤粮,保命:bangbang::bangbang::bangbang: # 中国 国:bangbang: :bangbang: :bangbang: Abduction, forced isolation
Isolation fees are your own bill! Pay for yourself!
Isolation is not the main thing, mainly to make money!
#Viewpoint Did you receive rebates from this hotel? :interrobang::interrobang::warning::warning: If you still want to go back to work, this is your end … Stay at home, stock your food and save your life :bangbang: :bangbang:

@NL117 what else is being said??? :arrow_up:

Fucking hypocrites

Headline should be “New York Times says nothing regarding true death count due to the spread of the Coronavirus”

我预言得不错,接下去就是禁止家人一起吃饭,要砸饭桌了。黄冈市委书记说:【在家里要尽量在不同房间休息、活动,吃饭要错时、分餐,坐在一起吃饭就是相互谋杀,病毒可不认什么亲人。】报告书记,同床睡觉更容易传染病毒,啥时候开始禁止亲人同床睡觉,开始砸床? I made a good prediction, and then I banned my family from eating together and hit the dining table. The secretary of the Huanggang Municipal Party Committee said, "At home, try to rest and move in different rooms as much as possible. When you eat at the wrong time, divide meals. Sitting together to eat is murder, and the virus does not recognize any relatives. ] The report secretary, sleeping in the same bed is more susceptible to the virus. When did you ban your loved ones from sleeping in the same bed and start smashing the bed?

:arrow_up: good tips for a family following Quarantine :arrow_up:

沈阳惊现段子手 / Shenyang emerges

:arrow_up:After shit hits the fan expect Black Markets to appear over night, what will you trade if the Dollar is useless???

奔驰男身穿警服闯疫情防控卡点,称有家里人当大官,处理后续来了:闯卡者被警察释放,还要求检查员为其道歉!!志愿者去当地政府讨说法,政府回复:大事化小,小事化了… The Mercedes-Benz man wore a police uniform to break through the epidemic prevention and control card point, saying that a family member was the chief officer, and the follow-up came: the card-breaker was released by the police and asked the inspector to apologize for it! !! Volunteers went to the local government to discuss the situation. The government replied: the big things are small, the little things are small …

:alarm_clock: Saturday, February 15, 2020 6:37 AM My brother-in-law and her parents were infected with Wuhan pneumonia. Her father’s condition was more serious. Last night, her father was taken to Wuhan First Hospital. The family members could not go in but had to go outside. Today, his brother-in-law and her mother were taken to the cabin of Hanyang, Hall b of Wuhan International Expo Center. In that cabin were all diagnosed mild.
:alarm_clock: Saturday, February 15, 2020 6:37 AM

It’s a month late but supports Aries Theorie of bioattack - it’s well made

〖变态辣椒〗武汉红会是中国政府的缩影,它颟顸自大,自私自利,所有资源政府内部优先供给,真正需要资源的医生护士弹尽粮绝, 无谓牺牲。 任凭你们在屏幕前呼吁,在键盘上发泄愤怒,they don’t give a shit 中国人再次领教不受制约的权力。
#艺术作品 物资去哪儿了?[Anomalous Peppers] The Wuhan Red Cross is the epitome of the Chinese government. It is arrogant and selfish. All resources are given priority within the government. Doctors and nurses who really need resources can eat up all their food without sacrifice. Even if you call in front of the screen and vent your anger on the keyboard, they don’t give a shit.

艺术 作品 Where have the supplies gone?


They are going into Japan to evacuate the Americans from the cruse ship

水神山。The Chinese Communist Party’s bragging “China Speed” Wuhan Vulcan Mountain Hospital has begun to leak.
Water God Mountain.

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