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Raise scotch glass to the CCP

down it goes, into my belly

Stay classy

Sea Level Mission Will Also Act as a Precision Thermometer in Space


Now I’m starting to understand why they built the station in Argentina and Africa

Take Notice

All the greatest

Linus Torvalds, Stallman, Guido Van Rossom, or Antirez

All the biggest greats in tech ever

Which are all funded by the worst big tech monopolies like Microsoft and Intel. Clear evidence that the woke war is heavily funded on run by the worst of big tech.

The reason the big tech companies do this against BDFL’s is to weaken the competition and strengthen themselves

The CIA runs big tech

wokeism killing the workplace too

and the war is just beginning

on runaway feedback loop

We are entering a dark age if this nonsense keeps up.

Wildly successful cancel culture campaign going on behind the scenes.

1 guy who was the sole creator of one of the most popular and widely used databases

1 guy who was the creator of the most popular neural network component, and OG leader of AI

This anti science anti meritocracy should be considered a threat to National Security

It’s as if they were able to get all of the top NBA players fired — so then they could come in, and say that everyone is equal in ability and that star players don’t exist, and that since everyone has equal ability, they should all be given jobs in the NBA too.

It’s insanity!!!

No one connected the dots for what’s going on here yet.

literally as if they went through and cancelled all the NBA greats

that’s what’s happening in tech and science field now.

That’s why China :cn: is going to win this century

hopefully not

But do you agree with what’s going on


“It’s been known for many years that intelligent people can be quite insolent, honestly. It’s not necessarily that they don’t know there are boundaries, but they’re more likely to see them as stupid/trifling, and therefore an annoyance.” Sure lol, not like someone makes stupid ass boundaries :disappointed:

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