Everything is done hidden in plain sight

Everything is done hidden in plain sight

⤺ reposted by @hiddeninthegarden from That’s not the map, find the map that connects the deep underground bases to each other

I have a picture in front of that and the other one without the hands but it would compromise OpSec

Can’t wait for the eyes to open

Estimating end of 2021

We shall see, invisible war rages on

Antarctic blast brings rare September snowfall, unusually cold temperatures to parts of Australia Source :snowflake::cloud_with_snow:

It’s way more complicated this war if you factor in quantum tunneling and “time” movements and operations in both directions :compass:

Open Eyes is soon

Just have faith

I have much faith in the strong minded !!!

I’ll be back later today

For funsies, the plane registration is valid for Canada, last activity 2018


Watch the last 5 seconds of the Boeing commercial. Besides showing off the Martian Base (Aries Prime) watch as the child Opens her Eyes :eye:

Makes them feel special

But the true power The Wizards behind the scenes do not care about social media or the White World

They are focused on their work primarily

How can I help

Thoughts on Tesla🔋day?

I’m going to share my thoughts on prepping. Who else feels like this and does anyone have a prep plan they are willing to share. I feel like this is almost mission impossible. This is not about being reliant on electricity - but prepping enough fuel just to cook food alone is too much. I looked at sun alternatives, but what if the sun is hitten for an extended period of time. Rice is useless unless you have hot water. And you can’t necessarily bug out with a large stove. My jetboil goes through fuel pretty quickly. Thoughts?

rocket stove. tiny amounts of wood heat a ton…check out solo stove

you an boil water with a few sticks

I understand your concerns. After years of prepping I still feel that many “what if’s” are not yet covered

It felt impossible at first, but every time I acquire a new skill (more than a new gear) I feel like I’m doing the right thing

For example… you can pre cook rice, then dry it, then vacuum store it. Afterwards you’ll just need to pour hot water instead of broiling it for long. Acquiring good quality tools helps a lot, but you need to be able to use them correctly (practice while you can)

Something that helps a lot is making a risk assessment of your home, hometown, workplace, bug out plans, etc. That way you tailor your plans (and budget) accordingly

2020 has been remarkably shitty in showing us how the previous paragraph could be troublesome, but hey, at least we can assess that!

We won’t be the fat woman on leggings fighting for toilet paper at Costco and that feels good already :sunglasses:

So, this is all related to space travel, or interdimensional travel? What about the NWO, and the “sustainable development” plan with all of us in smart cities, and the culling of 90% of humanity… does that all tie into this “eyes wide open” stuff, or no?

Who are the “wizards” at the top, any idea? Isn’t it the zionists?

Wow you have a lot of deprogramming to do